February 11, 2012

From 'Flawed ~ to ~ Awed'

My strength is made perfect in weakness.  II Corinthians 12:9

Been a while since I've been able to write..and actually I should be studying for a physics test which is Monday. . but I wanted to log this lesson as a written reminder to myself of what God has taught me over the past week or two.

One day, I will hopefully look back on this specific time in my life and admit that the difficulties were worth every single degree of suffering, or pain. . .and actually I am almost certain that I will...because it is when I realize and readily ADMIT my weakness, and visualize my "smallness" in comparison to the all-powerful-strength and creativity of our God (Who is beyond any measure or limit) that's when my perspective on life's difficult challenges begin to change.

One way to do that is to take a step back, and look at our universe....go beyond myself and look at the vast expanse of God's creation...keeping in mind that even the universe can not contain God.

A week ago, on my way to school, several mornings the sun was shining so brightly that as traffic was traveling along the interstate and began to round the corner, beyond the trees, the sun was so blinding-bright that traffic began to come to a crawl. .  there as we crept along the interstate and I tried to see past the bright, almost white, sun, I began to realize....this is just the sun. . and look at how we all come to a screeching halt!!

Imagine when we are with God in all His glory . . .purest brightness, in His holiness. . . surely no one will be able to move...but bow down and worship Him.

After feeling unable to "do" what is required of me at this present time, and feeling so unable, and weak, this difficult time reveals my flaws. . . but God's strength is made PERFECT in my weakness. 

Taking a step back, and looking at the marvellous wonder of creation, and seeing the majesty of His power at work around me. . .and that's when I go from feeling "FLAWED" to "AWED.

It's also very helpful for us to remember that even though we may "Feel alone," we really ARE NOT alone..and that the very Creator of the universe not only loves us, but is watching us every second of the day!  "I will guide thee with Mine eye." 

Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for looking around, at my tiny "box of space on earth" and thinking that this is it...losing perspective on the bigger picture..on Your power, and how MUCH You truly love me and my fellow family in Christ!   I pray that everyone will begin to grasp this truth:  Yes, we ARE flawed!  But the only way to tap into YOUR strength is to go from focusing on being "FLAWED" to being "AWED" by Your power!!    Thank You!!  I again declare my trust in YOU and Your strength!
Please be made perfect in my flaws and weakness.
In Jesus' Name,