June 29, 2013

Touching Base...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Lord enabled me to graduate with honors!   May 8!  :)   And after having only one month off from school, I started a new full time day job!!  This is a huge miracle and answer to prayer....the line of work that I am doing (ultrasound), its' very difficult to find a full time day job...usually we have to start with "on call, nights, weekends, holidays, as needed."  This is no doubt the LORD's doings!  
My nephew set up a Facebook page for my music--so if you're on facebook, hop on over to keep in touch there!  I will try to blog more, at some point, Lord willing....
We have so much to be thankful for.....The Lord pulled our family through three MAJOR storms during my time in school---and for this I am very grateful.  When Alysa's appendix ruptured, she was in the hospital for 7 days, came home and was on oral antibiotics for 7 more days, then had to go BACK to the hospital for 2 and a half more days, and had to have a PICC line (IV line) placed in her upper arm...so she had another 7 days of IV treatments at home, three times a day.  So the night I graduated, I had to text Bryan from where I was sitting to remind him to take out her IV bag from the cooler we had packed, to let it get to room temp, then after I graduated and we were in the car, I had to flush out the IV line, and give her that evening's dose in the car on the way home!  What an adventure! Although it didn't seem like quite an enjoyable one during the time!   I truly did not even get a chance to comprehend that I was graduating, because she was back in the hospital on  May 1...one week before my graduation.  I wanted to tell you that during her hospital stay, God opened the door for us to donate several CDs of music for them to use during pain management sessions with their patients....and God has opened the door for me to produce a DVD for the Children's Hospital... relaxing music with nature scenes.   Two videos are posted to my facebook page.  Such a blessing!  I told Alysa that even through her terrible painful ordeal, God had a purpose and a plan for it all!    And how grateful that we didn't miss the opportunity.  Only He could have opened the door!   :)

the morning of my graduation, I found our yard was completely
decked out with balloons and signs to celebrate the occasion! :)
Compliments of Bryan, Alysa & Chase :)

Signs, balloons, banners were in the yard, around the entire
perimeters! :)  They surprised me, BIG TIME!:)
I hope that you all are doing well too!  I MISS keeping in touch!  
Going to leave you with this little lesson learned:   Life's circumstances can leave us bitter or better...  It's up to us to decide how we will be affected. . . .if I look at "me" and think of "I, I, I" in a bad situation, more than likely I will become b.I.t.t.e.r.    But if I look elsewhere, to others, and especially to God, for His perspective, then perhaps I will become a b.E.t.t.e.r person from it.    Romans 8:28  We know that God works all things out for our good and His glory, IF we are called according to His purpose! 
My nephew came for my graduation & took family pictures
of us down at the oceanfront! 
Just thought I'd share an updated photo! :)
Take care, everyone!  Just had to touch base really quick to let you know the latest update!  Graduated!  And was given a full time, first-shift job!!!   THANK THE LORD! :)

Keep in touch!!
Be encouraged!   For as far left as the pendulum swings to the "negative"---it HAS to swing that much to the right, into the positive!   It's up to God to decide WHEN---but the circumstances you are going through WILL change!!!   Wait upon the LORD!  He will strengthen your heart!  :)

Love and hugs!