May 3, 2013

Alysa, again

Just got home from yet another hospital stay. Alysa was first in the hospital for 7 days from the ruptured appendix....and this latest stay was from Wednesday til today.
Was trying to get a few minutes rest before the home nurse comes, but the phone has been ringing from all the healthcare people..

Anyway, on Tues she went back to school, but began to feel bad, so I picked her up a little early... then she began to run a fever and chills, continued to feel bad in abdomen.   Ended up back at the ER.  They did a CT and found that she had a small they admitted her...again.    She had to have a special procedure yesterday and had to be put to sleep in order to have it done.  They placed a PICC line's a catheter, much longer than the normal IV.  And she will have to have this for about 2 wks.  They are going to teach me how to replace her medication (which is to be done three times a day.) 
We are awaiting the nurse to come here this afternoon. 

Everyone in our family is completely exhausted.  In fact, I am supposed to graduate on next Wed. (5/8) but I am so tired, beyond words....
Please pray for us.  With all that has happened, first Bryan in the hospital during my first semester, for having renal cancer, then Chase in the hospital in the fall for 9 days, and now Alysa having TWO hospital stays, my emotions are feeling beat up, exhausted...and have a hard time wondering or deciphering what God could possibly be trying to teach me/us.   So...the prayers are needed... mine are just short---"help."   That's about all I can muster.

Thank you for continued prayers on Alysa's behalf.  She really needs to heal.....and I pray that she will not develop an infection in this PICC line, since it's so close to her heart. 

Thank you again..and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Big hugs to all