November 19, 2010

Hide and Go Seek

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 
For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.  Colossians 3:2, 3 (NIV)

Just a little note to let you all know that I'm still "out here."  Just have a lot going on, with the semester winding down...well..let me rephrase's not really "winding down"--that sounds like things are slowing down.  HA.  On the contrary!  Whenever it ends it'll be more like it's "Coming to a screeching halt."  LOL (But not for long!)

Anyway---so much has happened, and every now and then I jot a mental note "this would be a good blog post,"  but the time's not been afforded me to sit down and actually write it.  Maybe one day.  :o)

We have one last practical (Lab Exam) on the upcoming Tuesday.  It's gonna be a doozy!  SO, that's why you've not been hearing from me...It's pretty much "crunch time" til the end of the semester.  Hard to believe that it's almost MUNCH time...Thanksgiving--- So much to be thankful for, even in the trying times. 

"This is embarrassing," says Betsy, the VW.

I was thinking last night about how ironic it is whenever we're feeling "stripped down to the basics" that's when we really begin to APPRECIATE those basics in life.   Then I pictured a car, being stripped down for a new paint job.  It's old layers of chipped paint, dings, rust from the elements---all are being removed, smoothed out, stripped away for one purpose:  to reveal the basic skeleton of the car.  But why?  Well, hopefully to begin the priming stage, to prepare the body of the car for a new shiny coat of paint.

Are we feeling stripped down by the elements of life?  Are we feeling pretty banged up from the pot holes on life's road?  Has our "windshield" been hit by a large "rock" or "flying missile" from that dump truck in front of us and now we "can't see clearly"~~ we're dented and looking not-so-new?  Makes us want to hide, right?  Maybe it's time to seek a highly qualified Mechanic.   The Lord knows what He's after...and when we're feeling stripped down, "not-so-shiny and new," dinged up, rusted out---He's preparing us, priming us for a new paint job.   He's after something.  It's good to get stripped down to the basics sometimes---albeit very humbling, I know.  But take heart....God's not going to leave us exposed and feeling vulnerable---He's after much  more:   to make us NEW....more like His Son.

"Ahhh!  This is MUCH BETTER~and well worth being temporarily
stripped down to the basics," says Betsy the Shiny Red VW.

Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the
kingdom of God like a little child will
never enter it.” Luke 18:17
So, no matter what---this Thanksgiving, even if things are bare, and we're feeling pretty humbled by the "outward appearance of our circumstances" REMEMBER our Creator is priming us, preparing us for that new coat of paint.  Things will begin to look up... and UNTIL THEY DO, it would do us ALL SOME GOOD to LOOK UP to Him ...with trusting eyes, knowing He's up to something special in our lives, no matter where we are on the "Rocky Road of Life."

Thanks for your friendship and checking in on me.  Your comments over the past few weeks have been received with such a heart-felt gratitude that the Lord has brought y'all into my life, and how He's using this vessel to be an encouragement to YOU.  :) 

Like Jesus said, we are "hidden in Christ," so let's be sure to set our minds on things above (on HIM) and not on our circumstances.    Kind of gives a new meaning to "Hide and Go Seek" doesn't it?  :)   
If I'm not able to write again...I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  No matter the size of the feast on your table, remember the Unseen Guest Who is there and be sure to tell Him THANK YOU for all He has done, and what He is GOING to do too!  (I'm still diggin' trenches, y'all!)  :)
Thank You, Father, for the times of being "stripped down"---for we know that You are busy working on us, just like You promised~~You will finish the work You started on this Body of Christians.  We're all in need of Your skillful hands to make us brand new in Christ!  Help us to remember that we're HIDDEN in it's important to remember that others need to see HIM, and not us when they're looking at us. . .and as we're hidden in Christ, help us to SEEK YOU in everything...for YOU ARE in everything.. You allow every circumstance that touches our lives---even the ones that may bring a ding or a scratch---all of these things are allowed by You, so please get the glory in every aspect of our lives.  In Jesus' name, and for His glory and sake we ask...Amen.

Thought since we had a "bug" theme going, I'd add a pic of me and some of my SR classmates in 1989, with what they referred to in the yearbook as "Bug Fever."  LOL
BTW, "Betsy" was my little "yellow bug."  Mom and Dad bought her the Friday before I was born and I was driving her when she "clicked over 100,000 miles." 

It was a special moment.  LOL


  1. I'm always happy to see another post
    and update from you, Tammi! Glad you're
    still hanging in there and working hard.
    Love what you wrote here about the Lord stripping us down to make us shiny and
    new like His Son! I hope you and your
    family have a really beautiful Thanks-
    giving together and that you do well
    on all your upcoming tests.
    Love & Prayers,
    (Still enjoying your music!)

  2. Being stripped down is a tough and vulnerable experience, but you are right, it can be a good experience, too. God is working on us. I like your metaphor of a car stripped down. That is what it is like for us spiritually, too. I hope whatever your experience is right now it turns out to be positive. And I hope your Thanksgiving is great, too. wb

  3. Hi! Tammi! as always love hearing from you! And of course this post just hit me for I am so Thankful that God strips me from time to time because it keeps me Humble! Thank You Lord for this process! Loved this:)~ Hope and Pray that you have a very wonderful holiday and may God continue to Bless you with His Warmth and Goodness of His Grace! BTW~ I know you will do Great on the TEST!! You can Do It!

  4. You Sis are soooooooo BEAUTIFUL and even if I don't get to hear from you as often I know in my heart you're still a note away and I pray for you each night for all you do and for all you have to accomplish each day.. And most of all I pray for your walk with Jesus to grow closer and closer to Him too...
    Love you and May you enjoy a Blessed Thanksgiving Sweetie and a Blessed Christmas Season in Him...Remember~~~ His blessings come in all shapes sizes and styles :0)
    Jesus is the Reason for each and every Season...
    Hugssssssssssss across the miles~~~Dena

    PS::: Thanks for my note ity was a blessing in itself,,helps me know you're ok...

  5. Hi Tammi,
    I want to wish your family a beautiful, blessed, happy Thanksgiving Day.

    Michele Katherine

  6. Ah Tammi, a wonderful wise post. I feel stripped down to the basics right now. But I long for the new paint to be applied soon. Thanks for the perspective you shared. It's a good one. I think of you each day as I listen to your music in my car on the way to work. It's so soothing and helps me. I pray that you will do well in your class. I know you are learning much.

    Happy Thanksgiving a day late friend.

    Love you,


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