January 28, 2011

Purrfect Pity

Here's Myles, our kitty, when we first brought
him home. Oh, so tiny and cute!!  (so is Myles) 
"Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelelth and thy want as an armed man."
Proverbs 6:10, 11

We have a kitty cat that reminds me of Garfield in almost every way.  He's an orange tabby, and he's flabby! He eats twice a day (because I have to split up his once-a-day-feeding into 2 "helpings" to trick him into thinking he is eating more...) and then he sleeps for almost the entire day.   He refuses to eat salmon, chicken, tuna...the only thing he wants to eat is his crunchy dry cat food.   The vet calls him a carbohydrate "junky."   LOL  Maybe he'd eat lasagna, like Garfield---but I've not given him the chance to try it!  LOL  Anyway, I think he's learned how to pop the lid off his food container because I don't understand how he's become such a tub of "over-sized flabbyness." 

Ding, ding!  Oh boy!  Time for din-din!
At first, he was rather "active"---playful and running around like a wild kitty!  Exploring his new world.  Hey, he even enjoyed a "bed time story" too!  (I just love the expressions on their faces here....Myles looks so "thrilled!"  LOL)

Bedtime Story, May 2007

"Where's Waldo Myles?"

Maybe it was all the love and attention he received that "kept him from exercising."  ??  (Could we be enjoying our Heavenly Father's lap--where it's nice and cozy---just a little too much, instead of hopping down and exercising our faith just a little bit too--to keep us "in shape" spiritually??)     Hhhmmmm. 

The Royal Treatment for a "king."
Sooner or later it was bound to happen. . . the typical life of a cat began to emerge.  No more did we see playful little Myles romping around, chasing anything he could swat across the floor. 
Talk about an excuse for not doing your homework!?
My fat cat fell asleep on my notebook!
My daughter didn't look too disappointed either! LOL (2007)

S L O W L Y, but surely, he took over our recliner. . . and there you'd find him, always propped up lazily in the corner of the recliner.   Every now and then he'd roll over, or change positions ever so slightly, so as to not disturb his "body alignment."  LOL  

We are no longer allowed to enjoy our recliner! LOL (2010)
So, as I was folding yet another load of clothes, there slept "Mr. Pitty." (my nickname for Myles) Purring comfortably in the recliner. I thought to myself, "Myles, what a life!"  I used to think of the life of a cat as "easy street." And, from a cat's perspective, it really is easy street!  LOL  But as a child of God, I'm not really supposed to long for the "lazy life of a cat." I'm supposed to be "Busy about the Master's Business." Oh boy, when I thought of that, I began to have a little "pity" for Mr. Kitty. "Myles, WHAT A LIFE?! (unless, of course, you're looking at this from a cat's point of view)"   LOL

"Purrrrrfect Pity"
Pity Pity, Mr. Kitty, that you lay there all alone. . .
Cuddled up on my recliner, in this warm little home.
Your life's sure not exciting; it contains very little surprise.
But ME, I want to live a life that will be pleasing in my Father's eyes.

So every morning I better wake up, & stretch these muscles of faith.
I better get fed by the Word, and live as the Lord saith.
I'll follow Him each & every day; my life will not be boring!
And while you lay there purring so contently, I'll be busy, & not snoring!

Dear Father, even though the lazy life of a kitty seems appealing at first glance, please help me to be reminded whenever I see him resting there comfortably that You want me to be busy...serving You by serving others....Thank You Father for the promise of Your help for me today, even if I am tired. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


  1. Adorable post! I love your header picture.

  2. I love this! I am such a nut for animals,
    all animals, especially cats and dogs!
    Yours is such a cutie pie and so are
    your kids. What would life be like without
    our kids and pets?! I don't even want to
    think about that!

  3. Nothing like a spiritual lesson from the life of your cat! But it's so true. It's easy to get lazy and that's not what we are to do. Oh how I've missed reading your posts lately. I'm going to get caught up though.

    Love you,

  4. God Bless you, sweetie! I understand about going back to school late in life. I was in college when my older kids were teenagers. I did live to tell about it...hahaha! Those were certainly crazy days. Praying for you!!

  5. Hi Tammy!
    Stopping by to see what's a goin on in your world.
    I had a yellow tabby kitty when I was a child and loved this cat named Sunny.

    God bless,

  6. Hi! Girlfriend, what a cute post! That kitty is so comfortable! I was raised with cats, and I remember when my mom would feed newborn cats with a doll bottle! Your post just reminded me of that:)~ I just have a little dog that acts like he is my only child!! My granddaughter says that "buzby" is my grand dog! But anyway I enjoyed the fun with your post! BTW~ your kids are adorable! Have a wonderful Sunday!:)

  7. How DELIGHTFUL Sis,,,,thinking of You like I soooo often do...LOVE all the photos...
    Blessings on your new week~~~hugs Dena

  8. Cute mom! Aren't you glad I took the pictures for you of Myles? :-) Cu 2morrow


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