April 23, 2011

Look and Live!!

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me.   John 12:32 (KJV)
It's a beautiful morning here in Virginia.  Birds are chirping as they welcome the sunshine.  This is the "day in between."  The day when the followers of Jesus were in solitude, sadness, and maybe even some confusion as to what had taken place yesterday.   Why had He, the One Who promised the kingdom of God, their Master and King, willingly gone to the cross and died such a violent death?  He had done nothing wrong, so why did He not even resist the soldiers??  Why hadn't He done a miracle and come down from that cruel cross?  How could this possibly be the way to usher in the kingdom of God? 
Now is the day to be thinking. . . wondering. . .and waiting.   "Didn't He say He would rise again on the third day?  What did all of this mean anyway?"   Nothing made any sense.
Had you and I been there, we would have been feeling the same way.  What we need to realize is Jesus willingly placed Himself on that cross by laying His life down as an example for you and for me.  As the soldiers raised that cross, they did not realize that they were in fact lifting up the Son of God.   Jesus had said, "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up..." (John 3:14)  The only way for us to be cured of our sin is for a perfect sacrificial Lamb to have been offered.  When those soldiers lifted Jesus on the cross, up on Calvary's hill, the sacrificial Lamb was being offered to God as payment for our sin debt.  
"...The blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness."
I John 1:7
Jesus said, "When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am [the one I claim to be] and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me." John 8:28 (NIV) 

On this "in-between-day," let us also sorrow and grieve---not for our Savior. . .but for OUR sin.   Let us realize that Jesus willingly giving His life and STAYING on that cross gave a perfect example of what our Father expects of us too.  Looking back to that day on Calvary, we can see God declaring, "Sin is punishable by death!"   We too need to acknowledge that "sin in me must die so that the Son of Man may rise from within  my heart."   When we die to self daily, and declare "sin to be dead," that's when the resurrected life of Jesus can burst forth from our hearts, for all to see. 

Just as the followers of Jesus did on this "in-between-grief-and-celebration-day," I urge you to remember and reflect.   Back then, on this day, Jesus was, for the moment, quiet. . . all that His followers had left was the memory of His Words.  

Today, Jesus is quietly waiting.  He wants us to remember His Words.  "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Me."  "When YOU have lifted Me up, THEN you will KNOW that I AM a reflection of the Father, for I and the Father are One.  I do only those things that He tells me." 


Are we a reflection of the Father?  Do WE declare sin to be what it is? ~ S I N!  Have we placed our sinful nature on that cross?  Are you and I willing to take up OUR cross and die daily so that the Son of Man may be lifted up and resurrected in our lives too?  

Today, as we await the Easter celebration, let's listen.   It is silent.  Is the resurrected life of the Son of God evident in our lives?   I pray it to be so!

Dear Father, this day, so many years ago, all was silent.  The only things left were questions and sorrow from a devastating loss.  Thank You for willingly becoming the One and Only Way for us to be set free from sin, by sending Your Son to die on our behalf.   Just as You declare sin to be punishable by death, we too declare that our sinful nature must die!  As we willingly place OUR sin on the cross, we pray for You to lift up Your Son in our hearts.  Make His resurrected life evident to all men, Father, so that they may be drawn unto You!  Thank You, dear Jesus, for performing a miracle on that cross---You stayed there, out of Your miraculous love for the likes of us!  You stayed there out of complete obedience to Our Father.  You took our sin upon Yourself, and took our place!  Thank You for performing the most miraculous miracle ever known to man!   Father, I pray for Your dear Holy Spirit to lift up the resurrected life of Jesus in each of our hearts!  Draw all men unto You, Father, for the sands of time are quickly sinking.   In Jesus' Name, Amen.

"Look and Live"
Dear sinner, turn your eyes from the direction you are going
and look UP to our Savior and God.

P.S.   F.Y.I~~I added several pictures in today's post, but for some reason they are not here.  Anyway, it's not important. . .what is important is what we do with His Word.  :o) 

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  1. I soooooo LOVE You Sis!!!! Was just thinking of YOU!!! Praying you enjoyed a BLESSED In HIM JOYOUS Celebration of Resurrection Day of our LIVING Savior... Our Abba Father...And may you know that same JOY all week...
    Big Hugs, Prayers and LOVE~~~Dena


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