May 23, 2011


"Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him." 
Psalm 37:7

"God wants us to be expectant before Him. . .
to wait patiently, but with hope,
to work diligently, but with the  understanding
that to HIM belong the final results of all our efforts."

The above song was recorded when the Lord brought me to a major crisis during the summer of 2008--where I had to surrender my will over to His. . .even though what He was asking me to do made no sense to me.  As I was on the floor, face down, praying, and "giving up my grasp on this situation," thunder and lightning crashed and flashed right over our house.   What a battle was raging within and outside too!  After the storm passed, and all was quiet, He led me to record this arrangement.  When I listened to the final recording, it was as if He were telling me, "I am not done with you, My child.  You've released your grasp on life, and given Me 'permission' to begin a new chapter; and this song will be a memorial to the 'death of your desires and dreams,' and the beginning of a new chapter in life."

Dear Father,
When I surrender to Your will, I:
Understand that I must
Relinquish my
Rights with
Expecting the best
Results:  because You only want what's best for me; and I'll never be satisfied unless I am fulfilling "Your kingdom purpose" while I'm on earth.  I am trusting You with all my heart.  In Jesus' Name. . . Amen.


  1. We used to sing this song in church years ago. We don't sing as many of the old ones now, and I think our kids are missing out on some great old hymns, like this one. Enjoyed hearing it again! And the video is breath taking.

    Thanks for the kind comments for Kristin. I think good will come out of her experiences. WB

  2. Hello My Friend,
    Soooooo beautiful, I can only imagine how close you feel to the Lord when your playing the piano and creating for Him.

    DID YOU WRITE THE WORDS; "God wants us to be expectant before Him. . .to wait patiently, but with hope,
    to work diligently, but with the understanding
    that to HIM belong the final results of all our efforts."

    This is so beautifully spoken/written
    God bless you friend, and I will
    talk with you very soon. :o)

  3. Warren ~ You're right, the classic hymns are slowly fading into just a memory---but to me, they seem to be the "meatier" songs of worship. I like contemporary as well, but the classics can not be replaced. ;o) Thanks for taking time to watch the video and I'm so thankful you received a blessing. To God be the glory. :)

    Michele ~ Hey there sister! :) So glad to hear from you too. You're right, whenever I'm able to sit down to the keyboard, it's like my "quiet time" with the LORD. . .and He uses that time to be a blessing. I know that whatever music is played is coming from the Lord, through these fingers of "clay." ;0) As far as the words to the poem, I have a little calendar here with a thought and a Bible verse, and there's no name under the poem. . . It's often been a wonderful encouragement to my heart. :) Thanks for stopping by! It's great to hear from you. My summer class has started this week. . . so it's back to old "grindstone." LOL
    Thank you both! :)

  4. Amen! It may sound strange to the world but there is victory in surrender.

    God bless you Tammi and have a great Memorial Day weekend :-)

  5. Praise the Lord Tammi on what you said and all the more on hearing the beautiful song. I grew up on I Surrender All. I still sing it.

    God's Hand is on you sis. Keep doing what you do for His glory.

    Much love and prayers for you and your family!

  6. I just came across your blog and find it to be so encouraging and inspiring.
    Your surely point the way to the Father who has answers for all our concerns......

    I look forward to visiting you again......

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Tammi, I cannot tell you how much your music blesses me!!! I often fall asleep to it at night. I have this little speaker-stand for my ipod and more often than not, Surrender is playing...

    Bless you. I need to promote your cd again. I think I will use this video tomorrow!

  8. Just had a chance to respond to each of you dear friends! :)
    Ron ~ You are so right: There IS victory in surrender. The battle of "my will struggling with His" is finally won when I surrender! Very good point! :) Love it!

    Lisa~ You're such a blessing to me, sis! Recently I asked the LORD to keep His hand on my life, and no longer do I ask to have "His fingerprints seen," but rather His HANDS, since fingerprints are easily smudged and forgotten. :) So your comment made me smile and say, "Thank You, LORD!" Amen!

    Nancy ~ I'm so thankful that the Good Shepherd has allowed our paths to cross! I too look very forward to keeping in touch with you along your journey as well. :) Hugs & His blessings right back atcha! :)

    Kathy ~ What a privilege to serve our Lord in such a unique way! To God be the glory! For, I know that apart from Him, I can do nothing. (John 15:5) Thanks too for sharing this with the hearts of your dear friends as well! :) I'm trusting Him to take it to the hearts of those He feels it would be a blessing. :) For His Glory. Sending hugs! :)

  9. This is a song I have sung, since I was a youngster and it always moves me greatly.

    I love the contemporary songs, but the old tunes are never old to me, as I sing them when I go back to visit the church, I grew up in regularly and share them with my elderly spiritual mothers.

    Thank you for sharing that we must let go, to those things we tightly hold onto, in order that God can have His way in our life.

  10. Sister, you are so amazingly talented! God has gifted you beyond belief! Know that each and every day I am praying for you. For your strength and your peace to be abundant in every way. Praying your hope and joy abounds in all things. Thank you for being such a dear friend.
    Love, hugs, and prayers,


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