August 25, 2011

I.R.E.N.E. ~ What's in a Name?

Ahead of Irene, classes cancelled, some students told to leave campus
Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me: for my soul trusts in you: yes, in the shadow of your wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.
Psalm 57:1
After I posted this, the Lord began to remind me of how some named tropical storms are SO BAD that we retire them. No more will we have to endure a storm with the same name again, just due to the devastation that particular storm brought. I wonder, too, for us, if He allows some storms to be so bad, and the devastation is so destructive, that we will never have to endure another one of the same "name" again. Of course, HE helps us to recover from it in His time, but we don't walk away from it without a respect for what we learned from that particular named-storm.  And at the sound of that name, we remember it's effects all over again.  (Hopefully to remind us of the lessons He taught us from it.)

What storm am I going through spiritually? What's its name? Hmmmm.
Good one to think about.

***Another Update*** (Aug. 26, 2011)  
Thank you Lidj, from Crown of Beauty, for pointing out something very special.  The name Irene means, "Peace."    WOW!  As we await the arrival of Irene, I will think of how Irene means "Peace."  Seems like the LORD is driving home a lesson:  Peace in the midst of the storm! Sending a hug to you, Lidj!  :)  All the way from the Hampton Roads, Virginia USA area!  :)                                    
Just a quick update.   Our area (Hampton Roads) is watching Irene's path closely...  Hurricane Isabel left the Hampton Roads area with bad memories!!   And we do not want to see another storm like Isabel (or worse) come through here.   However, according to the latest track models, they have Irene's eye going right over top of Virginia Beach.   Isabel formed another "inlet" on the Outer Banks. . . and I have to wonder what in the world Irene will do if it stays on the forcasted track.  ??

Anyway, we were without power for nine days when Isabel came...and hopefully and prayerfully we will not have to endure the same type scenario.

One thing is for surenothing is certain.  I can watch the meteorlogists' reports, and with each passing hour I get this strange feeling that we'll never really know what track it's going to actually take 'til it's basically over top of us.  Best thing we can do is Pray and Prepare. . and then when I look at Psalm 71:14, "But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more." ... that makes me want to add one more word:  "Praise."  So . . . guess we can Pray, Prepare and Praise... for only God knows which way He'll steer Irene. 

And if the storm churns up the sea along the entire Atlantic coastline, it helps to remember that He's allowing it all for a reason.  

When Jesus was walking on the stormy sea, and called out to the disciples to "not be afraid," Peter replied, "If it IS You, tell me to come to You."   What faith Peter expressed!   Would we have faith enough to ask Him Who is walking on the stormy sea, to invite US to step out of our vessel (Step out of ourselves, our strength, and our comfort zones) and WALK ON the "STORMY IMPOSSIBLE" in victory with HIM?   Whew.  That's some faith!   I take comfort in the fact that Peter did step out and walk on that water in Victory With Jesus.  And even though Peter quickly shifted from  the "naturally impossible" *(walking on water) to the "naturally expected" (sinking), Jesus allowed him to experience the impossible-with-man, but POSSIBLE-With-GOD.  This is a testimony for US to glean a lesson! 
After sinking into the stormy sea, Jesus lifted Peter up and he climbed back in the boat... and others worshipped the LORD.  I wonder what Peter would have named that storm?  Thinking of names, it's rather ironic to note that Peter's name means "Rock."  Petras.  From a human standpoint, if I throw a rock into water, it's going to sink.  But, Jesus allowed Peter to do the humanly impossible:  WALK on water. . Peter stayed afloat, all because of Jesus.  

No matter what we go through, and even if we feel like we've fallen and failed due to a "sinking-faith-moment," Jesus can still redeem our failures and turn them into victories and bring God glory through them.

What relief!

Thank You, Jesus!!   Each of us has a "Named Storm" that we are enduring.  Sometimes the storm is such a devastating one that once it's passed, we'll never go through another one with its name!  Even though that storm may be "behind us" and its name "retired," help us to remember the lessons we learned during that storm, so that at the very sound of its name, we remember how You used it to teach us valuable lessons and bring us closer to You.   We believe You will keep us safe during our storms, and even if we do lose faith for a brief moment, please redeem it, and receive all the glory and praise!  In Your Name, Amen.


  1. Hey! Girl~ Praying for you and your area! Will e-mail you soon! Peace and Blessings of Peace!!

  2. Dear Tammi
    I read the previous post a few days ago, and came back to read this new post as well. Both are beautiful, deep words of life shared from the wellspring of your heart.

    I love what you said that we all are undergoing a storm of some kind... what is the name of my storm? Hmmm... I have several names right away popping up.

    But guess what... did you know that the meaning of the name IRENE is "PEACE"? Isn't that something?

    I have prayed for your nation, and for the area in the direct path of the storm. I have loved ones living in Virginia... including you, of course.

    And now, I speak the peace of God to surround the path of the storm, a peace so powerful that the winds will have to turn back and become weak!

    I am praying peace for you. Command that storm to be powerless to destroy!

    Much love

  3. Very interesting and inspiring post, Tammi! I didn't realize Irene means Peace. The poem I posted on my blog, Peace in the Storm, fits well with your post. Thank you for sharing the encouragement!


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