March 9, 2012

burden to share, request for prayer

Hello everyone.
it's been a while. .but I have to post an update.  Things have been going so fast around here that it's hard to keep my head from spinning. . . but I really need to stop and post and update for prayer. Have to keep this short due to time limits. .

Bryan, my husband, was told today that there is a growth on his kidney.  We have spoken to two different doctors today. . .both agree that it's best to not  even biopsy this because the mass/growth/lesion has "crossed the line" and needs to be removed.

Also...benign solid masses in the kidney are it is standard to treat this as malignant until proven otherwise. 

We see another DR on this coming Thursday.  We are facing certain surgery and him being out of work for approx. 6 weeks.  They are saying it is very possible Bryan will lose his kidney, but will try to remove just a portion of the kidney--if they feel confident it wouldn't become a problem later.  But we'll just wait and see what happens.

Praises:  God allowed Bryan to have kidney stones and in the CT scan they "happened to find" this place on the kidney. Bryan had a follow-up CT scan a month or so ago and that's when we were told this is not a cyst, it has grown, and something must be done. . so that's where we are today....seeing both DR's and facing certain surgery and an unknown future (unknown to us; but God is fully aware.) 

It appears that this is contained to the kidney which is very good news.

Requests:  Pray for Bryan. . for strength, wisdom, and healing. . and a full recovery.  His burden as the sole provider for us is great. . . But God is greater.    Pray for me.  Trying to be there for him and remaining calm for the family, while keeping up with the intense work load at school, as well as keeping my focus, without falling apart. . . it's a job too big for me.  But God is greater.    Praying that this mass will stay in the kidney between now and the actual surgery when it can be removed.

Thank you all so much. . . And continue to pray for my cousin Michael as well.  He is in treatment currently.   I will be in touch at some point, Lord willing.

Love and hugs to everyone and thanking God for the prayers and support of His children and for the promise to see us through.

Dear Heavenly Father, You are greater than all of the problems this entire world has ever or ever will face.   So I lift my heart, with all its burdens, to You.  Admitting this is too much for me to figure out.  Claiming Your promise "I know the plans I have for give you a hope and a future and not to harm you."  Jeremiah 29:11.  Even though our troubles seem like they could never be a source of hope and promise for a future, but rather a way "to harm" us----You have promised that even our troubles, can be a source of Your blessings---in fact, I wonder if the blessings could be even greater because of them being camouflaged as troubles. ??   Very well could be.    I feel exhausted.
So...I just climb up in Your lap and quietly ask You to hold us as a family, and somehow, some way, get the glory out of this too.  It's too big for me.  But nothing is impossible with You.  "With God all things, (even getting the glory out of this) are possible."
So...thank You for promising to be with us, and for already having the answer even before we ever began to pray. . .and for listening, while we are still speaking.
Bless everyone with the sense of Your presence in the midst of their storms.  
In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. My Dear Friend,

    I cannot tell you enough how God uses your faith, trust and total dependance on HIm as an amazing witness to me.

    Tammi, you are always in my prayers as Bryan has been. I am so sorry for what Bryan and you are going through and what a difficult time this is for your family. I will pray for Michael also.
    Love you friend. I'm here for you.
    ~ Michele

  2. Sweet Tammi,
    I am so sorry to hear of this with Bryan but as you already know God is in control of all that touches His precious children....I will be in prayer for him, you and your family as you walk this journey....Please keep us posted as you can....

    Big hugs going your way,

  3. You are in my heart, and very much in my prayers. I love you.

  4. Hi! SweetFriend, I so have been thinking about you, it seems forever since I visited with you! I just happened to jump to my blog this morning and there you were!! Oh! girl! God is so near to you and your family!! just know it:) he says he is close to the broken hearted and He knows everything!! Hold~ on! God is in control~ Now Satan wants you to doubt that of course!! But U know, that U know, that U know God is not PANICKED!! you must REST in HIS promises of divine healing, protection, and PEACE through out! God has got YOU covered with HIS GRACE that HE said would be sufficient!! I am Praying Now!! as we speak! Please stay in touch!!! Peace, Peace, Peace! in the Name of Jesus!! I Love you~ praying now!


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