April 21, 2012



We made it home around dinner time this evening.  Just wanted to say thank you to each of you for your prayers, emails, cards, encouragement!   Even though we're home, it certainly doesn't seem like he's 100%. . and I know that's because he isn't.    I don't like to see him hurting, but am thankful that each day that passes brings us that much closer to him being back to feeling 100%.

God has been good to us. . has provided meals for the family while I was staying up there at the hospital with him.  Has provided a supportive DMS staff ( my sonography program) who have been willing to work with me and allow me to miss time from school so I could be there for Bryan.   The simple fact that God allowed us to find this cancer before it had a chance to spread:  Well, that's just still hard to believe!!  We're so grateful.

Continued prayers are needed for strength, and no complications during the healing process.  I'd really like to see the Lord draw us closer to Him and to each other during this time as well.  Bryan has already said how he never wants to forget how I was there for him during this time.  And here I've felt pretty much helpless in the matter because I can't make the pain go away.   Yet is has been an honor to be there to help in every way possible.

And without you all holding us up in prayers before the Lord, we'd be in a different situation.  I've been so tired, and on the go for sooo long now, that I've not actually had time to mentally process all that has occurred, so it's really hard to grasp just how good God has been. . .but I readily admit without God's goodness, this would have turned out to be a totally different situation.  So I thank the LORD!

I better close for now. . .he'll be needing his next dose of meds around 2:00 a.m. . . which is just around the corner!  

Many many thanks!!

Thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:4


  1. Welcome home you two. Asking God to pour out His strength upon you both during this time. I ask God to not allow any complications during this healing time. I pray that Bryan will soon be free from pain, and on the road to being back at 100%. May God use this time, to bring your hearts even closer, let the love shine through. I praise God for finding the cancer, before it spread. I love you so much.

  2. Dear Tammi,
    I have just now read your updates and am so glad to know that in the journey you and Bryan are in God is your protector and provided. You are safe and He has got all angles and sides covered by His love and compassion.

    What a blessing your friends have been to you, providing meals, and being there for you. Also, that only 85% of his liver was removed, so we will pray for the rest of it to grow back. The liver does grow back, that's what I know.

    What an awesome verse that is in Jeremiah that God promised His healing to be on Bryan and you!

    Please know you are lovingly thought of. You have been a brave woman, definitely you are a Warrior. I am really proud of you!

    Please tell Bryan I am praying for his complete and speedy recovery.

    Blessings of love and peace...

  3. How wonderful to be home. Truly, there is no place like it. I will continue to pray for Bryan's full and quick recovery. So thankful to our wonderful Lord for His love, mercy, and provision.
    Love & Prayers,

  4. Hi Tammi:

    I've been away from blogging for about 6 weeks, so am just returning and wanted to see your update this morning. I'm praying for Bryan as I write this, that his healing will be complete, and that during this time of rest, that both of you will see God's hand in new ways in your own hearts.

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. dear tammi, thank you for your message, love and prayers. (((hugs)))

    i prayed for bryan. God is in control. God is still in the business of performing miracles. here's hoping and praying that bryan gets healed completely and for fast recovery.



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