February 26, 2013

Update on Michael

My 22 year old cousin, Michael, has been battling a rare form of liver cancer for a while. . . but it's really been a struggle.  He is now in excrutiating pain due to a ruptured disc.  He will going to Maryview Infusion Center tomorrow for some more platelets. They put him on an antibotic today because his white blood count is so low.   Starting tomorrow, for three days, he will take a shot that will help with his blood. With the shots and another bag of platelets we're hoping this will help.
He was supposed to go to Georgetown next week for a second opinion, but will be unable to make the trip due to the amount of pain he is in.  Please also pray for his parents, as I am sure this is a pain that is almost unbearable.  Pray for his sister and brother, as well as all of their children  ~ they love their Uncle Michael!
Please pray for God to meet the family's every need. . . and to show me if there is anything that I can do to help.  It's just a helpless feeling for the extended family and friends. 
So let's just take this to the Lord together!

Please pray for Divine Intervention. . .
Thank you so much. 


  1. Much love and prayers coming your way! Happy Blessed Easter!


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