March 29, 2011

The Case of the Lost Zebra

A pic of my daughter all dressed up with her
special lil zebra that she's had since she was 2,
all dressed up too.
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was on him; and with his stripes we are healed.  Isaiah 55:3
Well, my last blog was talking about spring cleaning, and donating things.   Have you ever accidentally donated something that was NOT intended to be donated?   Even worse---it was something special to your child?   (GULP)      Well....tis with a sigh, a HUGE sigh that I write tonight's post. 

Over the weekend, my husband and I were in the process of switching the kids' rooms. . . just giving everyone a fresh start.  They were so excited. . . and we were too, because we were able to get rid of things, donate things, vacuuming the entire floor at once...spring cleaning at it's "best."   Anyway, moving furniture between two rooms was quite a mess at first. . .so to keep things "as organized as possible" I put my daughter's special stuffed animals (each have a special story of how they came to be a part of her life) in one spot...a bag.   And of course, somehow in the process of moving furniture, unbeknownst to me, the bag got mixed in with the "to be donated" bags. . ..and the rest is history.      

(Probably not the best page in our history books tonight.)  :o( 
Sunday afternoon, the to-be-donated bags were taken, (INCLUDING that special bag) to the thrift store.  I had no idea that my husband had taken it too. . .and oh how badly we both felt when we realized it tonight, make that~when SHE realized it!   The tears, the drama....the grief. . . the helplessness I felt for her tonight.  . a few of those lil animals had been a part of her life ever since she was two years old.   Even I felt a sense of loss.   What's a mom to do?  I couldn't even console her.     Well, while dear dad tried to console his lil girl ("I'll buy you some more"), her brother and I were in the other room, just praying for wisdom, calmness and comfort. . . .trusting that the Lord would work this out somehow for our good and His glory.   As the prayers are going UP, I hear her asking if I can go to the thrift store tomorrow morning to just see if any are still there.    Hmmm...
She asks a question, the Lord begins to teach a lesson. . .

That's when the Lord began to remind me that He understands what it feels like to lose something special.  We were made by Him, for His pleasure, to have fellowship and a loving relationship with Him.  When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, and their natures were jelled in the sinful condition that we all find ourselves born with,  mankind's fellowship with God was broken.   Can you imagine the pain and sorrow of losing such a dear relationship?!   God used to come and walk with them in the cool of the evening.  How He must have looked forward to talking with them!  We are more precious to our Heavenly Father than any amount of treasured keepsakes we can ever possess on earth.   Just as I will go to the thrift store tomorrow morning, in search of the little lost zebra, I'm even willing to buy it back, I will remember our Creator, and how He willingly offered Himself as payment for our sin---to redeem us, to buy us back, and rescue us from an eternal life apart from we can once again be treasured and bring pleasure to God, our Creator.  

What about the feeling of separation and grief when our Heavenly Father had to turn His back on His dear Son, while He was taking our punishment,
paying OUR penalty for our sin??   

Isn't it ironic that her special stuffed animal is a ZEBRA---
and by our Savior's STRIPES we are healed?? 
What a way to always REMEMBER this lesson.
As far as the grief my daughter feels (and we too feel for her) I can thank God for understanding how we feel, and I can trust that as HER Heavenly Father, He will work this all out for her good...may He draw her closer to Himself, and reveal to her the very anguish He feels when He searches the world over for a heart that's willing to trust Him.  "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost."  Luke 19:10  May this cause her (and all of us) to appreciate what He has done for all of mankind, right down to the personal level~ for you and for me!   
He's reaching out to you. 
Won't you accept God's priceless gift of eternal life through Jesus? "God, have mercy on me, I'm a sinner. 
Save me!"

I'm not sure what I'll find at the thrift store tomorrow....but the lesson that has already been found through this is much more valuable than any lost bag of treasured keepsakes---and this is coming from a "sentimental mom of two dear children."   

Dear Father, we can thank You, even in the disappointments, and heartaches of life, for we know that You are working in the midst of these circumstances to reveal something beautiful about Yourself to our hearts.  Please wipe away the "Temporary Tears" and give us a clearer vision of deeper truths here.   The truth about the Almighty power of Your Redeeming Love and mercy. . . the truth that You understand our grief, You understand our losses, and You care.  One day You can throw out these bottles of Temporary Tears, but for now, we know that You bottle each tear drop up . . .how gentle and loving You are!!   You love children, Father, so I KNOW without a doubt that You are not going to leave our daughter brokenhearted for long.  You will bind up her heart, and make it stronger.  You will show Yourself strong to her, and to me---to ALL of us, Father, for our hearts are perfect (quiet) towards You. .  .we rest in the knowledge that You do all things well, even when You allow us to make mistakes.  You allow this for a reason.  We look to You to receive glory, much glory, from this.  Thank You for coming down to this sin-cursed-earth and paying the Ultimate Price for our redemption!  Thank You for drawing us to You, Father, by Your Holy Spirit.  We pray for Your Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His power to tell others about Your redeeming grace and mercy!!  Please open our eyes to valuable lessons, even in times like this.  Every "vexation" or "heartbreak" is a wonderful opportunity to grow, to experience Your power, to die to self, and allow Your Son to live gloriously through us!  Enable us to take full advantage of these situations! For Your Glory, and in Jesus' powerful name we pray, Amen.  

"With God as my Guide, the unknown becomes a challenge. . .
  There is nothing He cannot redeem and turn to lasting good." 
                               Author Unknown


  1. Sis, what a valuable lesson you have shared in this blog. I know that God will bind up the broken hearts as He has done for us so many times in the past. The hurt is deep for all of us right now, but in time God will heal our broken hearts. I do pray you are able to get those precious keepsakes back. I can see that old worn out zebra in my minds eye and my heart breaks for Alysa, as well as you all. Just remember as Sherri was about to leave us and the song God is so good came to my mind. He is still good and will see you all through. Love to all of you, Mom

  2. God can certainly teach us through any circumstances. I hope you were able to locate a few of her treasures. Your kids are beautiful!


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