June 30, 2011

Get Up

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.
The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. 
Romans 15:20

Been going through some "things" that have given pause to much time to seek God, reflect, and deal with the issues of my heart.  Felt knocked down... bruised, and broken.  Defeated.  Knowing that these feelings are not of God, but of the enemy, the enemy of our souls, but not quite knowing how to overcome them---I've just said nothing.  . . . just seeking God and waiting.  

Greater is HE Who is in us than he who is in the world, right?  Right!  And GOD has promised victory!  

Today I noticed something... of course it was the Holy Spirit that revealed this to me.  In the verse above, the God of peace (not confusion or suffering or pain, but PEACE) will SOON crush Satan.  But notice where Satan will be... UNDER OUR FEET!  

How can Satan be under my feet if I'm knocked down, flat on my back, feeling defeated?   Could it mean that perhaps I must BE UP, on MY FEET, so that GOD will GRANT the victory!??  

OH FATHER, Please grant the strength and courage for us to stand up when we've been knocked down.  In standing up, our faith will be renewed, our courage to move forward will increase, and we know that the faith and courage comes not from US, but from YOU!   So we humbly ask for Your grace and strength to stand up, even now!  In Jesus' Name, Amen!

"My comfort in my suffering is this:  Your promise renews my life."  Psalm 119:50

"He knows just what it means to be alone---to feel rejected, forsaken, deserted, even in death.  The One who endured the loneliness of the cross is the One who comes to comfort you when you're alone."
B.J. Hoff


  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear my friend...

    I'm getting UP on my feet right now standing along side of you as I pray your beautiful prayer for you, for me and for all.

    Love you,

  2. Hello dear friend,
    I just sent you an email; :o)

    The Lord used this post to speak to my heart about something specific.
    You will see in email.

    God bless you, praying for you, love and hugs.

  3. Oh dearest Tammi,
    How right you are... how can the enemy be under our feet if we are not up!

    That has spoken to me. I never even noticed that verse before.

    Thank you for pointing it out.

    I have been thinking of you, and praying for you, too.

    Much love

  4. just a note to each of you to say thank you for taking time to write me; for in doing so, it helps make the storms of life easier to bear. For that is when He shows me it is for a specific reason He allows us to go through things. He never wastes anything...not even the troubling times--they are all used for something good in our lives, if only we'll allow Him to. So, I'm very thankful that He has been a blessing to your hearts through this lesson I am learning. It's almost like He has multiplied the lesson--taken it from one heart and spread it to many others! :) :) :) Sending each of you a hug along with many thanks for your friendship--and of course, faithfulness to the LORD. Keep on keepin' on! "This, too, shall pass," and one day it will be worth it all.
    Much love and thanks

  5. Oh Tammi, don't let the enemy get the best of you! You are on the winning side and with the power of the Holy Spirit you will overcome anything. Hang in there friend. I'm praying for you.


  6. I thank God for speaking to me through your post Tammi.
    I pray that whatever challenges you are facing today will be ovecome soon. God is for you and He will bring you through!

    Blessings to you in the name of Jesus.

  7. I found your blog thru Carole of Faith lounge.

    Tammi, be strong and be of good courage. You are stronger than you think and greater is He on the inside of you.

    Have a blessed week

  8. Just had a chance to respond to you sisters! We had an unexpected death in our family. . .had to go out of state for about 6 days. So I'm just now trying to get back into a normal routine.
    But I wanted to thank you for praying! And for your words of encouragement! Through it all, God has been here, and will be with us all til the very end. So thankful He is greater than our biggest problems. When we place them next to Him, there is no comparison! :) Trusting in Him, and thanking Him for you!


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