July 9, 2011

God = Love

". . . God is love."  I John 4:8

Well, it's been one of those weeks where you wonder what day it is, because it seems like it's just been one long, exhausting day.  Last Friday (July 1) my husband's grandfather passed away unexpectedly.  So instead of heading down to North Carolina for our planned holiday trip, it ended up being to bury his grandfather.  So, the past week has been exhausting emotionally as well as physically.   But through it all, I know that God has been with us. 

He sent little messages of hope to strengthen us. . .
like the night before the funeral,
we saw a double rainbow! 
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Just knowing He is with us during our storms helps doesn't it?  Have you ever been afraid and not known what to do with your fear?  Wanting to be rid of your fears, but unsure how to do it, you wonder, "When will I ever get over my fear?"    Well, the night we returned, it was in the wee hours, and I was exhausted...(We all were.)  After I went to bed, I heard my daughter calling out to me. . .oh boy...."It's almost 1:30 a.m., can we not talk about this in a few hours the morning??"  But she quickly revealed to me how she was feeling afraid. (This is her first time experiencing a death in the family.)  In the process of our conversation, the Lord began to reveal to me the following little formula:

In math, we know that both sides of the equal sign (=) must be equal, so they are interchangeable.  Well, as soon as my daughter told me she was afraid, the Lord reminded me of ". . . perfect love casts out fear."   I John 4:18   Then He reminded me of "God is love."  Now, we know that math just doesn't come to a person's mind at 2 in the morning, :o)  (LOL) so I know that the visual for this formula had to come from the Lord!  I began to picture GOD = LOVE  and then substituted the word "LOVE" in I John 4:18 with the word "GOD." 

If God is (=) LOVE and LOVE is (=) GOD, then I can substitute the word "love" with "GOD" in
I John 4:18,  and that means that:

GOD (perfect LOVE) will cast out my fear!

No more pressure to try to overcome our fear!  HE will do it!  And HE HAS done it!   All we have to do is trust!  If we are afraid, it is stemming from a lack of trust in God. 

It's amazing to me to know how exhausted my body and mind have been lately, and see how He continues to speak words of encouragement to me, and gives strength to the weary!   ;o)

Be encouraged!  When you're in the midst of the storm, He is still speaking!  Just tune your ears towards Him and believe that He will speak in the midst of your storm! 
And. . . He WILL!

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!  Freedom is not free.  And we know that our ultimate freedom was purchased on Calvary!!  

If the Son therefore shall make you free,
you shall be free indeed. 
John 8:36

Thank You, Father, for speaking strength, encouragement and Your perfect, reassuring LOVE to a weary soul!  I pray for my dear friends, wherever they are in their walk with You, to find Your perfect Love truly capable to cast out all their fear!  In Jesus' Name,  Amen.


  1. Oh my sweet sister...I am so terribly sorry.

    To be shown such a beautiful double rainbow the night before the funeral, was surely a divine sign. It absolutely takes my breath away every time a see a rainbow in the sky and what it's meaning holds for all of us.

    I love you and my prayers are being said for you and your family.


  2. What a timely post this is, dear Tammi. I had just posted an entry when I thought I'd give you a visit before logging off.

    So sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather passing away.

    And what a lovely rainbow God showed you to confirm His presence in your circumstances!

    The math at 1 in the morning, that could only have come from God!

    Tammi, I am amazed at the words I read here. Come over to read my post when you have some time.

    God almost spoke the exact same things to you and me - a thousand miles away from each other, yet we have the same God and Father.

    Love to you

  3. To my dear sisters in Christ ~ thank you for your thoughtful words of comfort, encouragement and prayers too! God blesses me any time I come over here and find a sweet message from you! :) My cup runneth over! :o)
    I'm sending you both a great big hug! And many thanks too!! God is still good, no matter how "not-good" our circumstances are. Why should I not praise Him when things aren't good? I'm learning that s-l-o-w-l-y. ;0) (but thankfully, surely!) :) "Thank You Lord for my sweet sisters You've given me! bless them both in a special way! In Jesus' Name, Amen."

  4. Amen! Beautifully written, as the Holy Spirit speaks with us through your work. Thank you and blessings!


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