July 22, 2011

When You Have NO-THING to Live For

Saw this little video today, and felt led to share it with you.  It's just a  little over 2 minutes long, but very powerful.  

Going through life, trying to live for "this" or "that," or trying to "accomplish this or that," but not living FOR God, will cause us to come up empty everytime.

We may even feel like there's 'nothing' left to live for.  That's just it, my friend; we are not to live for any THING, but FOR a Person, and that Person is God.

When you feel you have nothing else to live for, it's time to turn to GOD.  He will give you a purpose for living.   He will give you Himself.

"You may have no power to do it...
but if you surrender to Christ,
He'll give you the power."

"Time will decide if you will not,
and time always decides against you."


  1. AMEN!!
    Tammi, I know you know that one of my favorite verses is Zech. 4:6, and this video is one that illuminates that verse for me, in the words quoted by Billy Graham;

    ""You may have no power to do it... but if you surrender to Christ, He'll give you the power."

    Awesome, heartfelt post,
    Awesome video~
    God bless you friend
    love and hugs

  2. OH, this was so beautiful. I'm praying that when I speak, I can give an invitation to come to Christ as powerful as Billy Graham

  3. Hi there, What a wonderful post and such truth. You never know who will stop by this blog and find Christ as a result. Hugs to you today.

  4. You are right, it is a powerful video.

    Time will always decided against you.

    Time is always against us, unless we become the master over time...

    Thank you for sharing this.


  5. You speak from the heart and what an encouragement.....God will bless you abundantly....

    Hugs and blessings

  6. Amen we have the Person of Jesus Christ to live for and stand for. Awesome sharing Tammi. I've been MIA from blogging for a while. I pray that you and your family are doing well. Wanted to catch up with you.

    I'm praying for you and your family before I leave your blog. Much love!

  7. O and I like your signature with the piano keys. So fitting for you sis. :)


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