July 30, 2011

Another Journey Begins

"Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long."  Psalm 25:5

"Lord, let me walk so close to You each day,
that I am always ready with welcome
for Your surprise visits to my life."  B.J. Hoff

Well, dear friends....This blog began in 2010 as a way for me to journal whatever it was that God would give me to share, and really I had no idea that anyone would become a follower besides my parents--(Hi Mom and Dad!)   

This has been an online journal of lessons He's been teaching me along my way.  To know that He has allowed you to join in and even receive a blessing from these lessons is so overwhelming that I can not even begin to grasp it.  :)  He has proven Himself, over and over, and surely He will continue to do so.  Amen?  Amen!

First of all. . .God is faithful.      Am I faithful? 

I look back and see so many times my faith has been tested, and I suspect even wavered, in the midst of the storms. 

Instead of faith-ful, I was faith-less.

Instead of fear-less, I was fear-ful.

  • The main thing I was concerned about wasWhat is God's purpose for my life?  How can He make a difference through my life while I'm on this earth?  

Do not seek God's "purpose for your life" first and foremost, but rather seek GOD HIMSELF .

  • The other thing I most frantically tried to find answers for wasHow will I arrive "at that special outcome" that He has planned for me?

God will not show us the "final result" of what it is He has planned for you and me.  In fact, He will only reveal His plan for us on a day-by-day basis--kind of like a flower---opening up one petal at a time.
And IF we do not follow each step in obedience, we'll become sluggish in our walk with Him.

And does the arrow have anything to do with it hitting the target?  No!   The Archer places the arrow in the bow, and stretches that bow.  He finds His target, and when the target is in sight, the Archer will fling that bow, and the arrow is set in motion!  Same with us.  We are to just rest in His hands as He prepares to set us into motion.

So...I said all that to say this.  I went back to school last fall.  Exactly one year ago I was wondering why in the world He would lead me to go back to school. (fear made me doubt everything!)  I went through the required classes so I could apply for the ultrasound program this past May.  There were 140 applicants, and they only accept 16 students each year. 

Today I found out that I was accepted!  As the Lord has opened the door for me to pursue a field that I never dreamed would be possible for me ~ or something He would even have me to do in the first place based on how He's equipped me "musically" ~ I just wonder what does He have in store?  I "thought" He would have me share His music.  And yes, He has opened doors, and continues to receive glory musically. . .but there is someone He wants to reach in this field ~ someone that can only be reached if I go through that door, in His power and in His might, and for His glory.  The "ultra-sound" will be the sound of His good news being shared.  :)  And as He teaches me how to look in to the depths of the human body and understand His creation, may He open my eyes to even more depths of His wisdom!

So, instead of worrying about how life is about to  change  dramatically for me and my family, I'll just rest in the fact that God has opened a door, and He wants me to keep my grasp firmly in His, and step through it.   I do believe that is G R O W T H.  :o)

Giving God the
Room to
Override my ideas while I'm
Waiting and
Trusting Him to
Have His way

That's what "GROWTH" means for me today.

Oh Father, Thank You for allowing me to make it through this past year and for teaching me so many valuable lessons, not just in the classroom, but in the school of LIFE.  Like I told my dear Grandmother tonight, "This past year has been so rough. . .but maybe God is using the rough times to be like sandpaper and smooth out the rough edges in my life.". . .please smooth out the rough edges in me.  And oh, there's a plenty!!  I'll not worry about tomorrow, but just take each day as it comes, for You've promised grace only for each day.  Please use me somehow, for Your glory, even as You lead me to a new path.  Strengthen and encourage not just me, but also my dear friends who may be entering a new path that is unfamiliar territory.   Thank You for Your longsuffering with me.  I'd have given up on me a long time ago, Father!  Thank You for not only rescuing us in our present time of need but also consistently rescuing us each time we call out to You. 
In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. Oh Tammi, I am praising God as I read this post! How thrilled I am that you've been accepted. I remember when you were starting back to school and the anticipation and a bit of anxiety that went along with this new path. I feel so proud of you and how you learned to trust God. I know it's a day to day step of faith and often moment by moment.

    I know that you will be a source of comfort, encouragement and love to every patient that encounters you.

    blessings and love dear friend,

  2. Sister, I am SO excited for you!!!!! And what an incredible acronym: GROWTH!!!!! LOVE IT! Praying for you always . . . you are such a tremendous source of encouragement to me!!!!
    Love and BIG HUGS!

  3. Rejoicing with you dear Tammi over this new season of your life. I praise GOd you were among the 16 who were accepted into the ultrasound program. Your post confirmed something in my heart - that I too am to go back to school, after raising my three children, and becoming a widow about three years ago... now God wants nothing to distract me from serving Him fully.

    Loved the photos of the lighthouses!

    Much love to you

  4. Tammi,
    I've been enjoying reading through your posts.
    Your blog is lovely, and great messages and food for thought.

    I appreciate you coming by my place, and leaving me a note. I need to be more diligent about posting. God is working on healing some very personal things right now, and not always able to share.

    barbara jean


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