January 6, 2012

The Long GoodBye

Well, it's been a while...and I just wanted to do a "final post" for what may seem like eternity. . . .(for me that is.)  :)    Anyway....my ultrasound program starts Monday....I've been looking at the syllabi's for each of the classes, and it's obvious that I will be swimming up to my ears in homework and reading. . . so if you ever think of me, please whisper a prayer!   thanks so much... I trust God has brought me this far and will take me as far as He wants me to go in this..which will hopefully be to the finish line.  :) 
A few of my thoughts before I go:
  • God's timing is PERFECT!  He led me to start this blog back in Feb 2010 .. I had no idea WHY!  I just knew He was urging me to do it. . .And He led you all to this blog for multi-reasons:  Hopefully to be a blessing to your hearts....but I do know for sure that YOU ALL have been a blessing to ME!  And even though I've been AWOL in the blogging world lately, there are still some of you sweet friends who check in on me. ..and I get your emails usually when I'm on the run or most recently when I was in between a break and class time. . . and it cheers my heart....even if I'm unable to respond right away.  T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!
  • I absolutely need to depend upon God each and every day...ASK HIM to be the Source of my Energy and Strength.
  • God wants me to PRAISE HIM OUT LOUD each morning even before my toes hit the floor!  WHY!?  Because That shuts the enemy up....He has to stop and listen!  PRAISE IS A WEAPON!  Why don't we USE IT MORE OFTEN!!!!!????? (I think because our enemy KNOWS it's a weapon and his "goal" is to keep us UNDER the weather, down in the dumps, and doubting God instead of PRAISING GOD!  So, let's all right now OUT LOUD say PRAISE THE LORD for HE IS WORTHY!   Praise His Holy NAME!  Whoooo! 
  • God sets the boundaries of the ocean and sky, the universe, even though He is limitless, infinite!  So I trust Him to take me to the limits of what He has called me to do...and when I reach the end of a particular chapter, He will lead me to the next phase in my journey.
  • God is not interested in my ultimate OUTCOME and comfort nearly as much as He is INTERESTED in me TRUSTING HIM in "my NOW!" 
  • There is POWER in the cleansing blood of Christ.  Name it! CLAIM IT!  Plunge deep into the cleansing fountain of LIFE!   It is foolish and futile to depend upon anything LESS THAN the POWER OF CHRIST!    
  • GOD wants us to succeed!  Once we place our hearts and lives in His hands by accepting His gift of Salvation through Jesus, HE IS ALL ABOUT OUR SUCCESS :  Spiritually!  HE HAS PROMISED if we SEEK HIM FIRST, His RIGHTEOUSNESS---that is JESUS!   SEEK HIS DEAR SON JESUS, FIRST, then HE WILL MEET OUR EVERY SINGLE NEED GLORIOUSLY!!!  JUST SIMPLY TRUST AND SEEK JESUS!  (And no, I'm not "yelling" by typing in all caps.. . just wanted to stress this lesson to my eyes as I am typing this. )   :)
Okay....I will miss each of you. . .and think of you...and do hope and pray to be back. . .this is not the "end" but just "I'll be back as soon as I can, Lord willing."   I know He's not done with this blog because He's not done teaching me!! LOL  (Remember: this blog is a place for me to journal those lessons.)  

Also:  I am posting the music videos (You Tube) that He has allowed me to put together and some were done at my concert in October. . . I've struggled with "letting go"---of what my IDEAS were ... It seemed "obvious" or "logical" that music was how God had "wired me" to serve Him...But He is causing me to release my grip on the music once again. . .possibly pruning this part of my life...maybe, hopefully, Lord willing, the music will come back stronger and more powerful through His Divine enabling, for His glory.  We shall see, in His time.  However, for now, the dust cover's going over the Korg (Keyboard) and the music will be "out there" for all that He leads to YouTube. . .may it be a source of refreshment to the hearts of His children.

ONE FINAL NOTE:  I have a promise card box with cards of verses...the other day I drew a card saying "I need to hear from You, Father..." And two cards were drawn at the same time.  Here is what they said,


AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO will I be with you..I will not fail you nor forsake you.  Josh. 1:5
ASK and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Matt. 7:7

SO....as Moses had an idea of God's calling on his life, but yet was sent to the desert for 40 years for training first, so I too am going. . . to a dry and thirsty land, where no water is. (Psalm 63:1)  Funny how I turned 40 last March!  ??   hee hee  And, no, I didn't get sent out because of a murder.  :)  Actually, it is sort of:  the Death of the Flesh of Tammi. . .Egypt represented the world, and flesh. . . Moses killed an Egyptian. . Well, the death in my situation is the death of the Egyptian represented by Tammi's flesh.  I am surrendering to God's will, and depending not on ME, but on GOD! 

Anyway....I'm off...."and I know not where."  BUT I do know this:  I'm in GOD's HANDS...and He is leading me, "in a way that I don't know."   Just as He promised.

God bless you all and Keep in touch . .  .my homework load for this semester is an average of 4-5 hours a night.  ooomph.  ouch. . . yikes !   hee hee.  .. (that's a sort-of laugh!)  HA  Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful New Year....and we shall see what GOD is going to do!

Tis our weapon!!!
Love and hugs!
Dear Father, I'm off....to where YOU are leading me. . .trusting YOU ... thanking You for this opportunity. .  looking only to YOU..Begging You to afford me the time to keep myself rightly related to you.  RxR like the railroad crossing....Rightly Related to You....by  looking to the CROSS....the finished work on the cross by Your Son, Jesus. . . I can not succeed in any area of life without YOU..and it's just silly and foolish to even try.  My initials are T.R.Y.  But I'm not going to TRY in my own strength.   I will most certainly T.R.Y.  Trust, Rely and Yield to YOUR PERFECT WILL!    Thank You for this blog, for leading me to start it 2 years ago, and for the special friends You have given me. . . bless them this year....and may You bring me back in Your time, only stronger, and in the center of Your perfect will. . In Jesus' Name!!  amen.


  1. Happy New Year Tammi!

    I pray God's strength, wisdom, anointing, grace and abundant love walk with you in to this new year and new season of your life with your schooling. I know that His hand is already on you and your family so I PRAISE HIM for it!

    Go forth with courage and serve the LORD!

    See you when you return!

    Blessings and love!

  2. Sis, thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. God has been so good to us and we do PRAISE HIS NAME. He will continue to walk you through this chapter of your life. Know that you, Bryan, as well as, your "little ones" :-) are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Mom

  3. I am so excited for you for the adventure God is taking you on at his period in your life....I know He will provide all you need for the journey. Please know I will be praying for you and I will look forward to hearing from you when you can update us on all God is doing in your life...

    Much love and prayers are sent your way,

  4. Tammi,
    It's so exciting following Jesus and sharing our walk with others. I have really enjoyed being a part of your adventures with Christ.

    Tammi, I thank God for your life and those you have touched! May the beauty of Jesus be seen in you, as you carry out your program.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
    and be gracious to you.May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,and give you peace.

    Happy new Year and Blessed New Season :)

  5. As I said in our email, I wish you well and I am going to miss you, Tammi. Nothing is more exciting than walking in the Lord's plan for your life. Once again, the You Tube videos are just great! I really enjoyed them and will be watching them over again. Keep in touch as you can.
    Take care,

  6. I was looking for "broken vessels" images online and saw this graphic of your name, which caught my eye because it's beautiful, and because I spell my name the same way! And then I visited and you have such a beautiful blog ~ how awesome to meet another daughter of the King of Kings with the same name!! I just thought it was really cool and wanted to say hi! :)


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