January 13, 2012

T.R.Y. God

Hey Everyone!  Just had to say a quick, "I MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK!!"  LOL   Yes, tis a very difficult program!  But, with God's help, I'll survive. :)  

Just wanted to post a quick lesson I've been thinking about as I face mounds of work already.  The demands of this program at first glance look to be too much for one person.  But whenever I've felt  overwhelmed, the Lord reminds me that I am to not "TRY" to do this in my own effort. . .  but rather:  T.R.Y. God by going forward, each day:
Trusting in
Relying on (and)
Yielding to


So....that takes a lot of pressure off of me.  "Lord, I am choosing to TRY You!!!"   This could be a much longer post, fully loaded with lots of thoughts to chew on.  But for now...this week, everyone, let's TRY God!   

OH!!!  How will YOU "T.R.Y. God" this week!?? 

Love and hugs and miss you all! 

Oh, BTW, T.R.Y. --- that's my initials!  LOL


  1. Hello dear friend,

    I love how the T.R.Y. are also your initials. Also, I love how your always listening for the Lord to speak to your heart, and then you share those blessings with others.

    The T.R.Y. is awesome, and I really need to yield. :o)

    Love and hugs,

  2. Yea, Tammi! You made it through! Good to see you back even this quickly. How will I T.R.Y. God this week? Just like every other week--I have to trust, rely, and yield to God constantly where my autistic son is concerned. God always sees us through it all. He has never failed yet to keep us in His care.
    xo xo

  3. It was so good to hear from you so soon, dear Tammi. I read your kind comment on my recent post, and so appreciated the encouragement you gave. Also just finished reading your first post for 2012 with its golden nuggets of inspiration. Yes, your blog is a source of blessing. You will be turning 41 this year! And God is at work in your life every step of the way.

    Thank you so much for the music CD you sent me. I got it before Christmas. Beautiful music!

    Much love to you, Ms. TRY! What a good reminder of what it means to trust and rely and yield!


  4. Trusting God daily for everything in our lives...not always easy for this Mom to do. Glad to be reminded by my daughter :-) from time to time. Have a good week Sis. Love you all, Mom


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