April 22, 2013

update on Alysa

Just an update..still in the hospital with Alysa.
Been a rough six days. . please continue to pray .  DR said her appendix was gangrenous...and that there is still a chance for her to develop an abscess because of all the fluid that is still left.
This was supposed to be my last week of clinical. . but I hvae missed so much time with Bryan's surgery (last year, exactly one year prior to Alysa's surgery; then Chase being in the hospital in November..and now this) so I will probably have to make up the rest of my time next week. . .
she got her NG tube out during the night, and has had an upset stomach off and on throughout today. . . please keep praying.
thank you so much.  Tammi


  1. Still praying, Tammi. She's in the Lord's loving care. Praying for His strength and peace for all of you.

  2. Praying without ceasing, love you sis.

  3. Tammi, I read the last few posts, about Alyssa, and Michael. I am praying for her, that God will touch her supernaturally, and bring speedy healing and recovery.

    Be at peace. Praying that God gives you and your husband multiplied rest.

    Much love


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