October 10, 2010

Are You in a 'F.O.G.' ??

Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken.
Isaiah 62:4 (KJV)
Have you ever experienced what it felt to be forsaken?  By a loved one?  By a friend?  Have you (or I) ever felt that maybe, even though we KNOW that God will never leave nor FORSAKE us, (Heb. 13:5) that maybe He had?  He had become very quiet, and it seemed His presence was "not there" ??? 

Maybe unconfessed sin in our life had caused a barrier to come between us and the Lord, and therefore caused a strain in our relationship with Him ~~  How could He fellowship with us while there was something (unconfessed sin) between us?   I understand.  Maybe the GUILT from our past, even though we know we're FORGIVEN~has caused us to feel "as though we're still forsaken."  Not forgiving ourselves is a BIG reason why a lot of us don't experience the Abundant LIFE that God has given us through Christ.

To feel "forsaken" in the spiritual sense is a :

Feeling of being 
Oppressed and
Ruined because my
Sin and Shame
Keeping me from
Enjoying my
New life in Christ. 

Whoah.   Ever been there??    Oh yes, I have..."been there, and DONE THAT!"  That's a sly trick from the enemy to keep us under his "thumb"~ and essentially "in bondage," even though we've been SET FREE through the atoning work of Christ on the cross!

To feel "Forsaken Of God" is to actually feel as if we're in a F.O.G.  Where is HE?  "The smoke and ashes from the piled up rubble of my collapsed life are blinding me from seeing His face!  Why, I can not even MOVE since I can't SEE anything in this spiritual F.O.G. !!"
I can't seem to SEE A THING here, PEOPLE!!!

Well, let's step out of this F.O.G. . . and hop right into another F.O.G. shall we?  No, we're not hopping from the frying pan into the FIRE!??   Well, maybe we ARE---into the FIRE of the 

Watch this:  We can experience the Favor Of God by remembering:  

Faith in God brings the Forgiveness Of God.
Abundant and
Victorious Living follow, when we're
Overtaken and
Regenerated by His POWER to
Enable us to Enjoy HIS
Divine Life within!!!

Looks  like THIS FOG is lifting~~ MY SPIRIT anyway! :)

Cha-Ching!!!!  Now, THAT'S MY KIND OF FOG!!!!   When I was a SR in high school, our "Family Living" teacher used to tell us "Get out your notebooks, this is a meatball (or "important tidbit of info to chew on.")  Well, well well----this just puts "Cloudy with a Chance of MEATBALLS" into a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE, don't ya think?!  LOL 

Anyway, I was actually STUDYING anatomy, and then the Lord reminded me of the verse in Isaiah and applied that to a situation I recently experienced.   So I thought I'd share this with you ~~because I KNOW that "what He tells us in darkness, that share ye on the rooftops."  (Matthew 10:27) OK, this blog is not a rooftop, but it is a platform of some kind.  :)    BTW, if I don't do well on this week's A & P quiz, I'll just tell the instructor, "My brain must've been in a F.O.G."  LOL 

Well I must get back to reviewing flashcards.   But before my next post, whenever the Lord leads that to happen, be thinking about "which F.O.G." you are in. . .we're all "in a F.O.G."~~let's make sure it's the GOOD FOG---to be FAVORED of GOD!  And the only "Light" we need to have SHINING ahead of us is HIS WORD onto our path!  Don't forget that He will NEVER leave us NOR FORSAKE US, no matter what!  So let's be FREE to enjoy the Favor Of God, since we're NO LONGER termed FORSAKEN!!   :)

H.U.N.T. ~~  Hugs Until Next Time!


  1. Oh yes, I want to experience a FOG. I like the favor of God. How thankful I am that He drew me to Himself and loves me.

    I love your unique way of expressing yourself. Your personality comes across loud and clear. And you are so endearing Tammi. Btw, I've continued to listen to your CD. It's now staying in the car as the music calms me when I drive. Thank you for that. :)

    Love you and I'll pray that you do well on your anatomy quiz.


  2. Hey Tammi,
    Yes, I want to have a non-stop experience of
    F.O.G.! Nothing like the favor of God!
    Praying you have an excellent score on
    your quiz.
    This was a wonderfully encouraging post!
    Thank you so much.

  3. I am such a big fan of acronyms and this post has some gems in it! You are a wonderful teacher and explain things so clearly! What a gift to take God's word and break it down for others to understand!!!

    I'll say a special prayer for you and your quiz coming up!

  4. I'm not sure if my comment posted so I'll share again that I'm praying for you and I appreciate the post you shared. Meaty and powerful. I love acronyms as well! Stay encouraged in Christ dear sister. Love you.

  5. Tammi,

    I love the idea of F.O.G. in place of F.O.R.S.A.K.E.N.......................

    Great post!

  6. I agree with Alisa that you do a great job with those acronyms. Great message, too.

  7. Loved this post Sis! Will be praying for you this week. Thank you for being so willing to share your gifts with all of us. Love you very much, Mom

  8. Great post, Tammi! I'll never think of 'fog' the same way! Good to be reminded of and focused on the favor of God. Saw your profile over at a mutual friend's site and when I came by to visit, saw several more of my blogger buddies are your followers! How cool is that?! I look forward to getting to know you. I also love piano music and will be sure to check out your CD's! God bless!

  9. Tammi,

    What a great reminder and way of looking at FOG! I love your creativity and the way you turn things back to Jesus! Thanks for the word today that we are favored of God.

    Praying for you too as you are waiting on the Lord... for Him to provide all that you need during the delays. Thanks for being such a sweet encouragement to my life!


  10. Well! Hi! Dear Friend, loved this post! I have been so encouraged this day with these words! You know I have had a week of fret and worry with my sweet sis; However when the most weariness came I had to say: Lord, I cannot do this one more day, it wore me out! So with that said I am feeling a sense of Clam this morning! Thank You Lord for FOG!! Oh! yeah!! Love and Blessings!!:)

  11. I much prefer the Favor of God, instead of the FOG. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for the great reminders and spiritual truths!!

  12. "Faith in God brings the Forgiveness Of God.
    Abundant and
    Victorious Living follow, when we're
    Overtaken and
    Regenerated by His POWER to
    Enable us to Enjoy HIS
    Divine Life within!!!"

    Captivated by Him...That's also my kind of FOG!!!

  13. Thank you to each of you dear ones for sending notes of encouragement this week! "Tis meant the world to me"---even MORE! :) I had to let you know that the Lord helped me survive this week's classes and even the quizzes too! Wow! Yippee! Another week down, HOW MANY more to go? :) LOL Hugs to you all! :)

  14. Hello Tammi,
    I like your writing style, and how you interject a light hearted humor to something we all struggle with. Thanks for sharing a new perspective on F.O.G.
    I will look forward returning to your blog.I would love to have you visit my new blog if you get a chance.
    God bless you!
    Michele Katherine


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