October 18, 2010

Tag, I'm it. :)

I'm rather slow at blogging this week, since school has kept me busier than a bee.  But, I just realized I was tagged by Debbie at Heart Choices.  ;)  Yippee. .
Let me see if I can answer her questions.

Here are her 7 questions:

1. If you could travel anywhere with no thought to cost, where would you choose to go?  ~~ Oooh.  This is a good question.  I honestly have always let "the thought of cost" keep me from even dreaming.  Sad isn't it?  So this question catches me off guard. .  .But I have to say, that from pictures I've seen, I'd like to take a trip to Alaska.   Then, there's the little dreamer-girl in me that would like to go to the very mountain that "Maria" weaved in between those white-trunked trees on The Sound of Music, singing "The hills are alive..."  :)   (No, I'd not attempt to sing!!)  LOL 

2. What song would you choose for someone to sing at your funeral? ~~ Another good question.  Music is close to my heart.   I'm finding that "No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus" has a special place in my heart---and for anyone at my funeral that may not be saved, I'd just like to tell them that no matter what I went through, the Only True Friend that cared enough for me to give His life for me is Jesus, and I would like to tell them about Him and what He has done for me ~~ and for THEM TOO.

3. If you could spend a day with anyone, (dead or alive) who would you choose? ~~ My sister, Sherri.  She passed away at the age of 22 in 1997.  To be able to spend another day with her would be a blessing, for sure!  Someone would probably have to scrape me up off the floor from having a heart attack first--because the thought of seeing her again makes my heart POUND almost out of my chest.  "I miss you, Sher-Bear." 
Sherri, 1997. Before she passed away.

4. What do you want people to remember you by? (since I got a bit morbid) ~~ That no matter how imperfect I was, my desire was to seek the Lord and be the daughter He wanted me to be, using whatever abilities He equipped me with for His glory.  How I tried to look to Him in everything that happened, and hopefully He helped me grow to be more like Him with each passing day.

5. Are you a early morning person or a night owl? ~~  Hoot Hoot...Does that give you a clue?  I'm a night owl.  Always have been, always will be.  :o)  

Where's my coffee??

6. What is your favorite meal to prepare? ~~ Ok....now this is hitting below the belt, Debbie. LOL I'm no Martha Stewart. . .so don't be 'xpecting a fancy-schmancy entree here. :) It's gotta be the old fashioned Chicken Pot Pie that is my husband's grandmother's "classic" recipe! :) But, now that I'm thinking about it, I had a blast cooking up Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings last year! (Ended up in the ER with a messed up back after being on my feet for so long, but hey, it was worth it!) LOL

I recommend wearing supportive shoes or slippers while
being on your feet for hours on end, especially on a hard
ceramic tile floor.  "Back support~~It's a good thing."  LOL

7. What would a perfect day be like for you? ~~ Weather: No humidity... sunny, a cool breeze, but not too hot.  Blue SkyPeople to be with:  Not having any time to be with Bryan, just the two of us, lately---I have to say that a perfect day would be just a day of Bryan and me "taking a chill," being together, ANYWHERE, with no stress or physical pain to put a damper on the day. 

Okay, Debbie, I've answered the questions..thanks for tagging me and letting me join in on the fun.  I'm glad I realized I was tagged.  :)   Now, if only I could figure out how to tag you back.  LOL   Oh...I'll just send a hug instead. .  MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. Tammi, I really enjoyed reading your
    answers and getting to know you better!
    Hope your week is blessed with His

  2. Tammi, have I told you lately how much you bless me? I love your outlook on life and your unique way of writing. I smile everytime I visit you on your blog. I can see you as a night owl too; hoot hoot.

    My eyes teared up as you wrote about your sister Sherri. Her photo in her nursing uniform with her cap is beautiful. I hear your heart cry as you miss her so much. Sending you a hug across the miles but wish I could be there in person to comfort you.

    Alaska sounds awesome. It's on my husband Greg's short list of places he wants to visit one day too.

    I think questions about funerals and death say so much about us. What you shared is precious. What is most important about our lives? That we loved the Lord and allowed Him to live in us and through us. And my friend you do that in so many ways.

    Thanks for participating! You tagged me back just fine.

    Love you and praying,

  3. Tammi:

    Read your comment on Power Up on Love - very enlightening answer. I am so thankful that God has the power to TRANSFORM lives into vessels for His use. It's an ongoing process - but one that is moving in a forward direction!

    thanks for sharing your heart!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  4. Tammi, loved reading more of your heart sis! You know because we've shared personally off line, how I feel about #3. I'm so there with you about my brother.

    Love you girl!

  5. Love your answers and your sense of humor as well as your heart for the Lord. I hope that the college classes get a bit easier and less stressful for ya. YOu are taking some very hard ones. Phew...glad it is you and not me. LOL
    Praying this semester goes well for you.
    I love the same type of day you do too! Perfection!

  6. I lived in Alaska for a few years. It is beautiful but make sure you visit in the summer.

    Your tidbit about your sister made me tear up. I am going to call my sis after I make this comment and tell her I love her!

  7. Hey girl, I too was tagged this morning! Not sure if I did it right, because you were so detailed with your answers! I was short and to the point! but it was fun anyway~ I loved your answers. good job!! have a great Tuesday!

  8. I like your seven answers. I found myself going on an imaginary vacation for moment while I read the words in your first answer, "the little dreamer-girl in me that would like to go to the very mountain that "Maria" weaved in between those white-trunked trees on The Sound of Music, singing "The hills are alive..." and no I didn't attempt to sing either.

  9. Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you better!!

  10. Sis, what a blessing your blog has been to me today. It is good to know that you are still that sweet little dreamer you always have been. Thanks for sharing the pic of Sher. Brought tears to my eyes and as you said the thought of seeing her again takes my breath away. Am so proud of you! Love u 2 the moon and back and then some! Mom

  11. Thanks y'all for stopping by and taking time to read my little Q & A session with Debbie from Heart Choices. :) I've tried to send each of you a personal reply back. . .hopefully you all received them. . and Mom, I'm so glad you can stop by and visit me on the blog, even if we can't visit in "person" as often as we'd like. One day, we'll see Sherri face to face--no more goodbyes. . . love u 2 the moon, and back and then some 2. :)

  12. Hey Tammi,

    Cute post today! I'd like to try some of that old fashioned pot pie!

    Praying you get some wonderful time with your man this weekend!

    Thanks for being such a fresh ray of sunshine on my computer!


  13. #3 was moving. It would be very difficult to lose a sibling at such a young age. What a blessing it would be to be able to visit again with those we have lost. With faith, we hope to do so again in the future though.

  14. I enjoyed reading your answers...I am right with you on #1...sounds wonderful!

    Chicken Pot Pie was on the menu at my house last night...nothing like a homemade one bubbling away in the oven with the leaves falling outside...

  15. Where are you???? girl you make me tired to have to chase you!! Ha-Ha!! hey would you please send me your address? and tell me how much I need to send you for your CD Please!! Love and Miss you when you don't show up!! Have a wonderful Friday and a Blessed Wk_end:)

  16. Hi Tammi,
    You have a sense of humor & sensitive side etc. I Like your cooking answer to #6 it's very cute, and #3, about your sister, because it's so nice to see family that love each other like that.
    Blessings, ------Michele Katherine

  17. Tammi:

    Your answers are so creative and you posted them beautifully! It's really fun to get to know each other better through little questions like Debbie's. Oh won't it be a wonderful day when you see both Jesus and Sherri face to face!!



  18. I Love and MISS YOU Sis!!!
    This was a real fun read.. You are toooo funny Girl!!!
    And as you trust in Him may God continue to shine through you and cover you with His blessings too...

  19. I don't actually do meme's, but sometimes I do enjoy reading those of others. ~ jb///


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