October 16, 2010

The Pierced FOIL

He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins." Col. 1: 13-14 (NIV)

Foiled Again!
Have you ever made plans or set goals, paying careful attention to every little detail as to how you would arrive at that goal, only to have something happen to "foil" your plans?   Ugh!  

Maybe it's late, and my brain is a bit "fried" from all the studying this week, but it seems a bit ironic to say "foiled" when referring to my plans being "Ruined," and yet we use "foil" to cover food (to "keep it from getting ruined" for the time being.)  LOL  

Oh, anyway, when I was younger, my childhood friend, who was VERY creative, was over one night and asked me to "get out a roll of aluminum foil---bring it in here to the TV!  I've got something 'cool' to show you!"   So, with mom's permission, I brought the foil in there and wondered "what in the world" she had come up with now!  :)  Based on the excitement in her voice, the anticipation began to grow so much that my little sister "got in on the action" and had to see what was going on!   Well, Marsha--my friend, took a pin and began to poke holes in the foil . . . .of course I thought, "What is she doing?!"  But the smile on her face made the wait worth it. . . I knew it had to be good.  Finally, after what seemed like "an eternity," she got some scotch tape and began to tape the poked foil onto the front of the old TV screen.   Then she said, "Turn out the lights!"  Hardly able to contain her eagerness, she began to smile really big!  "Click"---lights were out...then she went over to the TV (we didnt' have remotes back then!  LOL)...she turned on the TV and VOILA!  There was "a million" twinkly, colorful lights reflecting from the TV!   With all the "OOoooo's & AAAhhhhhh's!" heard from her "audience," you'd have thought she was a magician!   My parents even "watched the TV show" too! :)  
This was before "Must See T.V."
Sometimes when our plans get "foiled," we become discouraged, even falling into the pit of despair.  "This was NOT supposed to happen!"   I know. . . I know.  Trust me.  But~recently the Lord opened my "eyes" to something:   "Is the servant greater than his Master?"    We can be assured that He understands EVERYTHING we are going through, because He has walked on this earth---endured suffering beyond our imagination.  Anything He allows us to go through is to teach us something about Himself---to make us more like Him---draw us closer TO Him...and just purge us of the "US" in us. (the "Ugly Sin" in us.)    To suffer is no fun---to have plans "foiled" is disappointing--maybe even painful!   But let's allow Him to pierce us--to pierce this "foiled" plan, or maybe even this "foiled life" we may feel we are living---pierce it through--and then in turn, we'll begin to let His LIGHT shine through us!   
WOW! What a Picture!
One pin hole poked through the "TV Foil Display" was "just okay"---but MANY holes revealed the MOVING COLORS that were on the TV screen behind the foil.  OH!  It was just the "coolest thing" ever!  MOVING COLORS!  Think of it!    Our "Foiled" plans, even the temporary "Veil of Darkness" being pulled over us, is just a tool in God's hands to pierce our hearts, tenderizing us to His Love, allowing HIS COLORFUL, MOVING LIGHT to SHINE through so others around us can say, "Ooooo!  Ahhh!   Why are they so COLORFUL?"  And we can say, "it's not why, but WHO!!"    

Our Lord's hands, feet and side were pierced on that cross, to cause a Fountain of Life to flow~~ Let's just be sure to get Plunged INTO His precious blood.  Guess what happens when I am plunged into the MIDDLE of the Fountain Of Life!    F O I L    THE ENEMY's PLAN to destroy my life is FOILED!!!!!!!     
Can we picture the HAPPY DANCE going on here?? 

So, it may seem like you're plans are getting poked through---and everything is just falling apart!   Be sure that YOUR plans are HIS plans!   Be plunged into HIS Fountain of Life--that's the first step to having His and YOUR plans to coincide.  Then~let these "piercings" remind you of Your Master and HIS piercings---We, after all, are NOT greater than our Master--so when He allows us to suffer, He's allowing us to fellowship with Him!  And when we fellowship with Him, we'll begin to beam HIS LIGHT to others!
One day the VEIL is going to be pulled, we shall see Him face to face.
And the only piercings left to behold will be the ones
on His dear hands, and feet and side!
Thank You, Father, for reminding me of that simple "foil" craft from many years ago, and turning it into a special lesson.  It's so hard to have "our plans" be "foiled again!"  But that's just it!  These are "OUR PLANS!"  Let our plans mesh with Yours, and let Your light Shine through the piercings in our hearts each day.  These piercings keep us tender!  Thank YOU Jesus, for enduring the cross, and being pierced for me!  For US~~the "Ugly Sin" in all of us!  We love you!!  In Your Name, Amen.

H.U.N.T. ~~ Hugs Until Next Time,


  1. Oh Tammi, I love these little lessons! I need to be reminded as my plans haven't been working out lately. Plans get foiled but I do know that God is sovereign and is teaching us lessons. Nothing is wasted, even our suffering.

    Love you and love your attitude! And btw, I'm praying.

    Love you,

  2. Tammi - great lesson!

    Our kids would love the poked foil lesson. I might just have to do that with them :-)

    Remember the plans of God will be worked out one way or other - we will either submit to His or we will walk in the wilderness around them. He is so loving and patient as we take time to be pierced and proded to return to His way.

    God's plans are so much better than ours. That is something to meditate upon when our plans don't seem to be working out. Humble ourselves, come back to Him and ask to be lead by His light onto the path where it is good, holy and right!

    Love and blessings - praying for you!

  3. What a great lesson, Tammi. Loved it! The
    verse from Colossians is one I quote quite
    often. The enemy's plans are foiled in our
    lives and no weapon formed against us can
    prosper because we belong to the Lord!
    Love & Prayers,

  4. Good lesson friend!

    I'm just thankful that the devil's planned are already FOILED by the BLOOD OF JESUS!!!

    Thanks for your encouragement. May you be encouraged in the LORD in every way.

    Love you!

  5. What a wonderful post, Tammi! You share a great lesson here. Thanks for the inspiration and enLIGHTenment!

  6. Debbie~What a great reminder: Nothing is wasted, not even our suffering. That's a good reminder for us to be sure not to let our Savior's suffering be in vain either. . let's keep on keeping on, in His power, to live for His glory, even through the "foiled" plans. PS..thanks for your prayers! I can truly sense them! Love you too! :)

    Jill~It's great to hear from you! I am so glad that our craft "from the olden days" (as I'm sure your precious youngin's would think of it) is something you'd like to try. I got to thinking, a lot of folks have the big screen tv's these days. Hmmm. That may require a LOT of foil, eh? LOL Thanks for your prayers and encouragement! :)

    Sandy~ Oh! I'm so glad that the verse in particular is a special one to you! The Lord led me to glance at my calendar here and bingo--there it was! :) Thanks so much for keeping in touch! What a blessing!

    Lisa~Hey! I really like your new pic! :) I sure have missed chatting with you, via emails, etc. But you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for being a willing vessel in the Potter's hands! Love you too! :)

    Connie~So glad you stopped by! Thanks for sharing this sparkly comment! God bless you! :)


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