January 15, 2013

Rock Bottom

If You're at Rock Bottom

Ever felt like your life circumstances have brought you to an all-time low---like you've reached "rock bottom" ??   I understand.  It's totally okay to feel that way. 
Last night, after seeing a comment someone posted on YouTube about how they have hit rock bottom, my heart began to ponder the idea of hitting rock bottom.  
What would you do?    Well, of course, hitting rock bottom makes us feel totally discouraged and almost about to give up hope, right?   Then it would make sense to "LOOK UP".... I mean, after all, when you're at the very bottom---"Rock Bottom"---that's just about all you CAN do, is look up.  Right?   Well, yes, and no.     Of course, LOOK UP---Look up to GOD....He's our only hope and deliverer. . .
What if when we've hit that lowest point, we make a conscious choice to "not look up" but remain discouraged, and in a sense, "look down"  (FACE down).    Well, think about it for a minute.  Instead of looking up, we turn our face down, almost in a sense of defeat right? 
But look again.

II Samuel 22:2 says, "He said: "The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer..."    The LORD is my what?  My ROCK.     So, if we can truly claim this...if Jesus really is OUR LORD, then HE is also our Rock.....   So what if we've hit "rock bottom?"     It would seem that if we turn our faces down, we will find none other than our ROCK, holding us up!      Oh my goodness.  Even if we get discouraged, and just waller in our sadness, choosing not to "LOOK UP" to Him, we will still find that He is there, no matter which way we turn.   The Lord is my ROCK...and I'm at "rock bottom"-- so it seems here we have a sweet picture that He has never left us, even in the trials and storms.  He is all the more nearer simply because we HAVE "hit rock bottom."   

The Lord is close to the broken hearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit. 
Psalm 34:18

Just wanted to share that quick little thought (and lesson) that He showed me last night.  Share it with someone you know that may feel as if they're at "rock bottom."   This will truly give them a new perspective on their circumstances.   I know it did for me! 
Thank You, Lord!! 
Until next time,


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    1. You are such an encouraging friend! Thank you for your faithfulness!

  2. You know I understand exactly where you're coming from and I am praying for all of you guys. Keep me informed. This is a wonderfully encouraging word from the Lord for us all to stand on. I am glad you shared it.

    1. Oh yes..I know you totally understand where Im coming from! And I really appreciate that fact, especially your prayers! We are hanging in here. . and taking things one day at a time, and that is actually exactly where the Lord wants us to be. :) I am very grateful that the Lord used this lesson to encourage you, because you have been a blessing to me too! :)

  3. Thank-you for sharing...great perspective..

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to write! Waiting on the Lord gives us a chance to rise up with wings as eagles...not to soar and be happy and feel "Free" (Because sometimes the waiting or our situations can make us feel trapped)...but rather, when we rise up as eagles, we are able to look down and gain a new perspective of the situation....hopefully it will be God's perspective. :) God bless you too. :)

  4. Dear Tammi
    The last post I read was the one you wrote on the 15th anniversary of your sister's homegoing. It's been a busy six months for you and me. Many things have happened in our lives. And although I have not visited your blog place the past months, I have taken time the past half hour or so to read some of the posts I have missed since I was last here.

    So happy to be here... I noticed your new header picture. It's beautiful!

    And now you are only a few months away from finishing your course. I listened to your recording of the music from Cats... and the words on the video... I love your heart that is so full of tenderness and sensitivity to the Father.

    Wishing you a new year that is full of beauty and grace.


    1. Dear Lidia, I was JUST thinking about you this week! And I am so very glad that you stopped by! Wow. It's so good to hear from you again. I have not been able to blog due to my strenuous school schedule, Bryan's cancer, my son being in the hospital, and other things, but I hope to be able to catch up one day, eventually. I hope that you have a wonderfully productive year too.
      You are such a blessing to many!


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