January 13, 2013

What to do with Memories?


Some are sweet.  Some are painful.  Some cause our hearts to race just at the thought of seeing that special someone's face one more time, if only we could. 

Even though memories can be a cherished treasure, sometimes the memories from our past can keep us chained in our present, unable to be free, if we allow them the chance. 

No matter, God has allowed us to have memories.  He wants us to look back and remember what He has done for us, how He has delivered us in our times of need--so that we can apply His faithfulness to our current situation.   Yet He also says we should forget the past and press forward, straining towards the goal of His high calling.

God doesn't want us to be held captive by the memories of our past.  He wants us to let go and look forward. 

Last year was very difficult for our family, true indeed; but it's a New Year, and God willing, I am only five months away from graduating from the ultrasound program.  Instead of looking back, wishing "if only" or "what if," I will look forward to the new day that is dawning.  . . knowing that He is the One Who holds each sun rise in His hands.

Here is a song that I recorded over the weekend as a tribute to this lesson.

God bless you all as you serve Him.


  1. Beyond beautiful sis, love you.

  2. Beautiful, Tammi. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Hope things are improving in your family. I am praying.


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