January 18, 2013

STAR Quality

Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,
and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.  Daniel 12:3

Earlier today, as I was putting on my makeup, I began to think of the pressure young people (or older people for that matter) have to "be or look a certain way"...then I pondered the question of how many people are aspiring to be a "star" and to have a "star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."  I'm sure there's many people, young and old, who have that aspiration.
Then my thoughts turned to a scripture in Daniel that speaks about being like a star that shines for ever and ever.   Hmmmm.   Hollywood has seen many "stars" come and go; and they will keep coming and going, but one thing remains certain:  their star quality dims and eventually dies as soon as they take their last breath.  No more will they enjoy the satisfaction of making another movie, entertaining another person, singing another song, or performing another comedy act on this earth.  Their star quality will fade away.

What does a person have to possess to have God's "Star" quality?  

  1. Those who are "wise."  Wise (Hebrew: "sakal") means "cause to consider."   What a "wise person" says or does causes the people around him or her to stop and consider what they are saying.  Psalm 111:10 sums it up here: " The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise." 
  2. A leader or "guide".  Someone who leads others to have a change of mind about their sin, and turn to God (and His righteousness) which can only be found by accepting Jesus' payment for sin.
Today many cars are equipped with OnStar  ~ a built-in Safety, Navigation & Communication system.  OnStar's services are: Emergency, Safety, Navigation, Diagnostics and Connections.  But even without OnStar, we have Polaris, The North Star.   It hardly moves in the northern sky, while all other stars in the Northern sky revolve around it.  Steadily shining its light as a point of reference, Polaris has guided many a lost traveller to safety. 
Stars trailing around Polaris (time lapsed photo)

Do others look to us for answers to life's toughest questions?  More importantly, do we lead them to God when they do?   A wise person, of "star" quality, will do just that.  Millions of people are lost and can't find their way.  Because of the "gravitational pulls of sin in this world," so many people are lost and on their way to an eternity without God.  It's extremely important for a child of God to serve as a point of reference and point them to God! 


Eternal Shine

I used to read Daniel 12:3 and think it meant if we were wise and led others to Christ during our time on earth, that we would shine in eternity.  But He says if we are wise, we will shine  on earth by telling others about Him; and if we direct others to get back on the right course by turning them to God, then God will keep our light shining for ever and ever.    

If you think about it, what's better:  A "star" on the Walk of Fame, where hundreds of people trample over it daily ~OR~ to shine for all of eternity, as the stars in the heavens? 


I think I'd rather follow Christ's example, so that I can safely point others to Him, especially in their time of need. (I Cor. 11:1 "Follow my example as I follow Christ's.")

Be God's S.T.A.R. !!

Be a Shining example
        Turn others to Christ
      Arouse others' interest in God
      Reach out to the lost


  1. Awesome post. My sis, you definiteky shine brightly. I love you.

  2. Great encouragement!! Thank you. This was a really good post.

  3. Like you, " I'd rather follow Christ's example, so that I can safely point others to Him, especially in their time of need."

    This is so much better than being a star in Hollywood.

    What beautiful words you have written, and beautiful pictures to go with them as well.



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