March 12, 2010

Mouse Trouble

"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye."  Psalm 32:8

Not been able to update my blog recently due to mouse trouble.  No, not the kind with a long tail and squeaky little voice.....but the computer mouse.   Then after I hooked up the new mouse, our keyboard refused to work for a while.   Hmm.  Wonder what's going on here?  

It's amazing how one little piece of hardware can render a computer useless.  The mouse---small, handheld, and simple---yet a very necessary tool to "getting us where we want to be" in "Computer Land."   It's the same with the mouse and the keyboard...both are "told what to do" by humans.  Either we "point and click" or we type in the keystrokes.    If they're working properly, they will respond immediately to our "command."

I wonder, though, are we willing instruments in the Master's hands?  Or are we "out of service?"  Is He able to "Point and Click" us in the right direction with the ease of a quick nudge, or are we "frozen in time?"  (Like our computers sometimes "Freeze and Hang in Cyber Space")

This set back, this minor aggravation of not having a mouse or keyboard, made me remember how the Lord wants us to be instruments in His hands.  He should be able to "Log On" to our hearts, and "point and click" us in any direction He wants us to go.  As fully charged servants, we should immediately respond and obey.  Hmm.  Do we?  *sigh*    Is there a problem in our wiring?  Are our batteries running low?  Are we unplugged from the Source, the Heavenly Hard Drive?  Is it time for an upgrade?  Are we still snacking on tidbits of information instead of feasting on His "www"---Wonderful Words of Wisdom?   Am I asking too many questions?   LOL :o)   Hopefully not.  I know it's caused me to STOP
......and THINK.   

Thank You, Father, for my broken mouse, and moody keyboard.   Thank You that I was disconnected from the "www" temporarily, in order to be reminded of my need to be connected to Your "www"---Your Wonderful Words of Wisdom.   May I never be satisfied with snacking on other's messages, but feasting directly on the meat of Your Word.  Help me remain IN You...let me stay connected to You, so all You'll have to do is "Point and Shoot" me in the "direction You'd have me to go."   Recharge my batteries and please forgive me of my sluggish response times.  Thank You for Your Mercy and Grace!  In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

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