February 24, 2010

White Sand

"And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness
of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."  
Daniel 12:3

Earlier this morning, my daughter asked me about Pensacola, Florida..which made me think, "Ahhh, the warmth and beauty of the white sandy beaches of Pensacola!  How I'd love to visit there one day!" 

Well, that got the wheels in my mind thinking.  Aren't WE, as Christians, supposed to be like "white sand?"  You may be wondering, "Tammi, where's this going??"   Let's take a trip to the beach, shall we?  :o)

Have you ever been to the beach around "high noon" on a cloudless day?   The brightness of that sand under your feet reflects the sun's light!   Remember how your bare tootsies felt with that warm sand squishing between your toes?  So therapeutic--not to mention the wonderfully smoothing effects on the bottom of your calloused feet.  (You see where this is going yet?)   We need to be reflecting the Light of the Son each and every day of our lives...S H I N E so brightly that others have NO MISTAKE that the brightness of our lives are due to none other than the Son!   When we do that, others will no doubt feel the warmth of the Son as well, right?  They SHOULD.  Do others see the Light of the Son and feel His warmth whenever they are near you?   They SHOULD.   If not, ask the Son to shine brightly in your life...ask Him to take away all the impurities in your heart so that others see only the purity and brightness of Him in you.  

Not a warm person by nature, eh?  No problem.   Hang around the Son a little while and you'll be one HOT tamale!  ON FIRE for HIM!   Right?   Be around a Person long enough, and you're sure to be influenced by Him.  Spend time with the Lord in prayer and in the Word, and HE will change you!

What about the smoothing effect?  The sand does smooth out the rough edges on our tired, calloused feet.   People around us are tired, hurting; their hearts are even calloused.  How can we be the "Salt and Light" in their lives?  Not sure---ask the One Who knows their hearts better than anyone.

He wants you to smooth out the rough edges in others' lives, to reflect His Light, and warm their hearts.
Well...time's up...but that makes me think of one other use for sand.    The "sinking sands of time."   Time is running out....our Lord is soon going to Shine on the horizon, to take us back with Him before He pours out His judgement on all the earth.   What are we doing to let people know that TIME IS RUNNING OUT!??

Dear Father, only You hold the hour glass which tells us how much time is left.  Only You know... please help us to be like "white sand"---so bright and pure that others cannot HELP but feel Your warmth, see Your Brightness shine through in our lives.   Keep us pure...Keep us motivated...And I even think of how sand can be shaped into castles...SHAPE US, TOGETHER, as a body of Christ, to show others around us, walking on this "beach of life," that we are none other than YOURS!  And one more thing, Lord, please do not let anything in our lives cause an EROSION problem on this "beach."  Thanks.  In Jesus' name I do pray, and for His sake and glory I ask...Amen.

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