May 6, 2010

A Watchful Night, A Hopeful Morning

Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising...Psalm 139:2a

I woke up this morning. . .before I even got out of bed, the first thing I thought was, "Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising." As I tried to muster the strength to SIT up on the side of the bed and search for the desire and strength to move on with another day, the Lord brought that verse to my mind. 

I imagined the Lord having watched me all night----as soon as I awoke and began to stir, there He was, perking up, smiling, and feeling such a deep love for me.   He was actually glad to see me awaken.  It was the strangest feeling or thought. . .but I realize it's true.  He really does love me.  He does that very same thing with ALL of His children. He watches us..and actually anticipates our waking... watching for us to stir, knowing He has something special planned for us in this new day. . and He longs for us to be happy and sense His love for us. . . and He longs for us to return the love and attention back to Him

Just like if we were sitting in the watchful hours by our family member or loved one's bedside---our loved one's been in a coma for a while.  And then...he or she stirs! The happiness, the anticipation, of what's to comeWe're sitting up on the edge of our seat...then we get up to stand beside the bedside to take their hand, to welcome them to another NEW day..what will this day hold?  Waiting to let their fuzzy eyes meet ours---just so they'll know we've been there all along, and we're here for them now...That's the way I felt this morning about God.  He's waiting for my eyes to look into His...once they get focused of course. LOL

Unusual feeling, but yet a good one--because I know it's true! God loves me..He loves US THAT much---and even MORE!! Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising. Seven little words.. but full of meaning. Thank You Lord!

Good morning, Father!  Thank You for watching over me last night!  Thank You for looking forward to my awakening this morning!  You have so much love for me.  You desire for my eyes to scan the room first thing each morning, LOOKING for YOUR EYES, so that Your eyes will FILL my heart with the assurance of YOUR LOVE...And therefore I will have no fear!   Perfect Love casts out fear!  Never have I sensed or imagined with such vivid scenes what a "tiny portion" of Your love must be like!  Thank You for giving me this imagery today.  In doing so, You filled my heart with Your love and peace.  I'm so glad that You woke me up today, with great anticipation of my loving You back!  I take You by the hand, and look forward to beginning this new day with You by my side, guiding me.  I love You!  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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