May 4, 2010

What an Answering System!

And it shall come to pass that before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.    Isaiah 65:24

I was thinking again about Isaiah 65:24.  Have you noticed the significance of the order in which this verse tells us God works in regards to our prayers?   Before we call He will answer.   Whenever we want to call someone, we have to pick up the phone and dial the numbers first... THEN, if they are available, they will answer.   But here God tells us that BEFORE we even call Him, He will answer us.  Wonder why this is?   Because He is in our Tomorrows already.  He has already worked it out according to His plan.  In His sovereignty, He knew our need, He knew we'd be calling, and He knew our thoughts. . . I can not fathom HOW He can do this, except I just accept this by faith that HE can and DOES, because He IS. 

The last part of this verse though caused me to chuckle because it reminded me of a typical "busy Mom Moment."  I'm sure you're familiar with it---either as a mom, or as a person who remembers your mom.    Mom's fixing dinner, phone's ringing, cat's meowing for food, the two older children are bickering, and the youngest one says, "Mom!   I've been talking to you...don't you even HEAR ME??"   Or the scene may not even be that hectic.  It's just a Mom who's got a lot on her mind, thoughts are heavy, and a child approaches her, only to find thoughts have distracted her and the undivided attention he needs is just "not available at this time...please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. ---beeeeep!"   Ever been there?  Yes.  Me too.  Oh how wonderful to know that when we are STILL SPEAKING, HE WILL HEAR US!  

I have been familiar with this verse for a while...BUT it was just recently that I REALIZED the order in which He places these words:   answer and hear.   That made a huge difference to me.   Our Heavenly Father knows how busy life can easily distracted we can find difficult it is to listen to others when our minds are rolling 100 miles an hour.   And yet, He has promised us to ANSWER US before we even CALL...and HEAR US when we are still speaking!  Never do we have to worry that He may be distracted by an incoming "text message" that just beeped from the "cell phone in His pocket."  Never do we have to see His eyes slowly wandering off to the conversation next to us while we are "yet speaking."  HE has given us His undivided attention.  

Oh, Dear Father!  May we take advantage..full advantage of this wonderful "system of Call/Waiting" You've put in place for us!   We call and talk to You, while You have already answered and yet You are still WILLING to listen to us.  How many times have we sensed a stale question, one that we already knew had been taken care of, in our children, and rushed them to finish because we already KNEW that problem was null and void?   I must confess I have been guilty of doing just that at times..and  yet You've ALREADY answered every single one of our problems BEFORE we even call You!  While we are STILL speaking to You, You're not patting Your "toes" impatiently!  You're HEARING US.. You're listening to us.  What a simple promise, yet FULL of wonderful truths!   Help us to be patient with others around us, even if their concerns seem to be unnecessary or frivolous to us.  Help us to be thankful for Your patience with us too!  THANK YOU for fixing all of our problems before we even call!  WOW!    In Jesus' Name I pray!  Amen.

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