July 2, 2010

S.U.P. Success Under Pressure

When Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her. 
Ruth 1:18

Surely you're familiar with the story of Ruth.  The sweet, courageous woman who portrays our need for a Redeemer.  Boaz is a picture of Christ--our Kinsman Redeemer.  Oh the book of Ruth is full of wonderful images of our Savior, with His redeeming love being intricately woven throughout its pages. 

Today I was in need of a Word of encouragement...maybe even some Comfort Food.   "Oh, Father, I come to You...I need to hear from You."  After breathing a short prayer for the Holy Spirit to illuminate God's Word to my heart, I opened the Bible and found my eyes staring at the book of Ruth. 

The courage in this woman's heart revealed something LACKING in my own.  She had the backbone to follow her faith--the faith that God had given her.   I'm sure Ruth respected Naomi.  But did you notice the DETERMINATION of Ruth NOT to turn around and go back, as Orpah did, at the urging of Naomi?  

Do you know what you want out of life?  What or Who are you DETERMINED to go after?   Let's say you are on the right track, following the Lord, but someone comes along and URGES you to GO BACK to your native land, your sinful ways.  Would you have the backbone to say "NO, I won't go back!"   ??   Sooner or later we'll be faced with a strong person, who's determined to turn us around, to get us off track.   They may even be unaware of what they're doing.  They may THINK they're urging us to do something that is "right in their own eyes." 

The key to "Success Under Pressure" is submission---submission to God and His will.  If you're totally sold out and determined to FOLLOW THE LORD, then no matter the temptation or "strong recommendations" by others to hop off track, you'll have the backbone to keep on the right track.  

Isn't it "neat" that the initials for "Success Under Pressure" are S.U.P.? Hmmmm...That reminds me of:  Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will SUP with him, and he with me. Rev. 3:20  (KJV)  We can be so determined to go our "own merry way," that we fail to hear our Savior knocking at our heart's door.  Just like when Naomi saw Ruth's determination and gave up "urging Ruth," our Lord will eventually do the same thing if we continually reject His invitation.   He is never pushy, or overbearing.   That's why it's important that we be VERY CAREFUL to respond to His gentle urging, and open our heart's door to Him....He will come in and "SUP" with us.  It's in that sweet fellowship with Him that we'll find the strength to be Successful Under Pressure!

Thank You Father for this wonderful truth to my heart.  Increase our courage and stamina---increase our ability to withstand the enemy's temptation to "go back."   I also pray for anyone who may be determined to "go their own way" by ignoring Your sweet invitation to come in and SUP with them.   Soften their hearts, Holy Spirit. Quiet the anxiety in their hearts so that they may hear the sound of Your gentle voice calling out to them. And for those of us who may be encountering some "static" from others, give us wisdom to hear YOUR signal--broadcast YOUR direction for our lives, and give us Holy Boldness to follow You, no matter what.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. I have many strong personalities in my life, urging me in different directions. However, I am determined to follow the Lord. I want to abide in Him, no matter what.

    Thank you for sharing the lessons from Ruth. I love that "Success Under Pressure" or SUP was in the King Jamese version. Very interesting.

    Blessings and love,

  2. oh yes! Spending time with our Lord, when He comes to "sup" with us, is the only way to find the necessary strength to endure life's hardships. Sup basically means to "dine"--and just like eating food gives our bodies physical strength, spending time at the Master's Table, dining on His Word, will surely equip us with strength! :) Thanks for writing!

  3. Your blog is beautiful new friend....I am blessed to have found your through Lisa..What wonderful women after God heart you both are,,,
    Hugs and Blessings Dena

  4. Hi Tammi,

    Love that S.U.P.!

    Blessings to you dear sister! I'm off blogs until tomorrow but I felt the Holy Spirit's leading to come over and love on you today and pray for you so know that I'm praying now...

    Love and blessings!

  5. I'm feeling God's love through each of y'all today! Thanks to each and every one of you! :) Your comments and encouragement have come to me "right on time." :) BIG HUGS! :)

  6. Hi Tammi, just me again,,,was reading your post more and looking around and wanted you to know I just love the way you realet to others and give your all to us through words and especially because it is His words and and the Hloy Spirit flows through you to others. Very sad about your sister,,,but even know don't you just feel the Arms of Jesus around YOU,,,I think on HIS Arms very OFTEN through soooo much I have went through for so long. Well prior to my totally giving God my everything about 6 yrs ago and then being BLESSED with my new life in HIM and with my Hubb's of 5 yrs now,I'd been a widow for 10 yrs prior to The LORD bringing Kent( my Hubb's) into my life . Long story as most people my age may have too.
    Anyhoo's didn't intend on writing a short novel for you here ;0) But,,,love the way you share and help inspire us..You Go Girlfriend!!!
    I do pray we will get to know each other better.
    Another note,,,our Pastor has shred with us that God does give uys more than we can handle or feel that we can handle,,,thats wehn we finally turn to HIM.. It kind of makes sense now that I have went through sooooo very many things in my 52 yrs. Way back when I was 1st saved I never thought I'd be even more of a Jesus Freak ,,,its just sooooo cool too. Yep, I was born again in the era of Jesus freak days in Los Angeles no less, in 1973...It took me near death to REALLY GET IT,,,with my True Walk with HIM..
    Ok enough of me,,,I consider it an act of The Holy Spirit that I clicked on your name at Lisa Shaws...She is such a BLESSING too!!!
    Big Hugs ~~~Dena

  7. What a great word, Tammi! SUP... I like that! Hard to do, but so sweet when we do.

    Thanks for sharing a timely reminder today...

    I needed to read what you wrote!


  8. Hi Dena and Melanie! Thanks for stopping by even on a holiday "extended weekend." I too am hoping to get to know y'all better too! Thank you so much for being my new friends..Sisters in Christ. :) BIG HUGS! I'll be in touch soon. ;o)
    Lisa--I sent you an email. Girl--you were right on time...or make that the Lord was right on time leading you to jot a note my way. :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful blogging sister-friends with me. How sweet of you! :) Big hugs!

  9. That was awesome. Thanks for the acronym SUP...I will forever remember that.

  10. Great devotional. I love the way that Ruth saw something so tangible in Naomi's faith that in refusing to obey Naomi's urging to go back to her people and old ways, she said, "Your people will be my people, your God will be my God."

  11. Such a powerful post! I love this line, The key to "Success Under Pressure" is submission---submission to God and His will." It seems like we normally have this backwards!

  12. Hi! Tammi, just found your blog,thru a comment you had left on another Blog! After reading this most loving Blog and Glorifying our Savior, thru it, thats what it took to follow you! Loved it! I just started Blogging in Feb. and have just been so blessed with other "Sweet Blogger's, and just shared how wonderful God has allowed us to come together and share our up's and down's,and most of all to "Share Christ".Thank you Lord!*Blessings*


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