July 29, 2010

The "T" in Tissues

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  Rev. 21:4 

I was talking with my young son earlier today.  He has a few little habits he wants to break, such as biting his finger nails.  He calls them his "Issues."   In talking with him, the Holy Spirit reminded me of our Lord's understanding and compassion with us..He knows that we have this treasure of salvation in earthen vessels.  We're leaky, vulnerable, and sometimes weakened from the struggles in life.  Then it "hit me."   "Add a 't' to the word 'issue'!"   So I just continued in my conversation with him, "Son, we have a Savior Who understands the 'issues' we are dealing with. . .and He knows that sometimes these 'issues' can even be painful for us to wrestle with.  But always remember the cross...it's in the shape of the letter 't.'   Add a T to the word 'issue' and we've got "tissue."   Just like grabbing a good, soft tissue to absorbs our tears, remembering the suffering and anguish our Savior went through for US, in order to not only give us LIFE Eternal one day, but also Abundant (VICTORIOUS) LIFE while on earth, our spirit should feel as if someone handed us a tissue to wipe away our tears."   

One day, ONE glorious day, He WILL wipe away all of our tears.  No more suffering!  No more struggling with this old fleshly nature!  No more battles with the enemy!  No more good-byes and parting from our loved ones!   The Lord will wipe away our tears, all of them, once and for all!  And it is only because of what He did for us on that 't' shaped cross on Calvary!   That's the last tissue we'll ever need!  The greatest comfort to my heart is to know that my Savior will wipe away my tears, once and for all!   The touch of His hand will surely be far greater than any tissue ever made on earth!

Oh Father!  Thank You for these "issues" we are going through, even the little bad habits.  Thank you for the opportunity to come to You with our "issues."   Thank You for allowing me the privilege of talking with my son, and for You giving me this tidbit of insight into what You have done for us, and what You WILL DO for us one glorious day!  May each and every dear reader today, who may be in need of a tissue even now, find comfort in the fact that the very suffering Your precious Son went through on the cross of Calvary has given us the victory over all our issues...over bad habits, battling our flesh, battling our enemy, even victory over death!  Your Precious Son will one day wipe away all our tears!  Thank You, Father, Sweet Son, and dear Holy Spirit!  The Triune God!  In Jesus' Name, I pray, Amen.


  1. I just wanted to add a little "P.S." As a mom, it's very difficult to see our children suffering, struggling through their "issues," no matter how great or small. When something bothers them enough to reach out to us as their moms, it HURTS us too. We don't want to see them suffer. It can be distressing to our hearts as well. Our Heavenly Father has used this little blog post/lesson to show me that He understands how it feels to see our children suffer. He endured the suffering of His beloved Son, Jesus, while He was on the cross. God the Father even punished OUR sins that Jesus willingly took upon Himself, as our Perfect Lamb, on that cross. So may it be a comfort to us moms, who may be hurting for our children, to realize that Our Heavenly Father truly feels and understands OUR pain as well. I know this sure has helped my heart today. Just wanted to pass it along to yours as well. :)

  2. Tammi, I've been in need of a tissue lately with all that's going on. I loved this post and the reminder that God will wipe away every tear.

    Thank you for sharing the issue and tissue; how clever and helpful.

    I'm so thankful to be getting to know you and to listen to your peaceful, beautiful music.

    love you,

  3. Dear Tammi, I'm like Debbie above and although I read this early today came back and had to tell you how much I appreciate this post. Life has trials for each of us, I'm so thankful we have a high priest who knows all about it.
    Have a great day.

  4. Amen! I love your heart of sharing and the way the Holy Spirit gave you the 'T' for issues. Your words are like a salve to my and many hearts.

    Said a prayer for your son too.

    Love you much. Would you have time to phone chat next week? I'll be on vacation so I'll be off line but would love to talk to you.

  5. Tammi...such an awesome word here...our issues...His heavenly tissue...no more tears...no more pain...hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!


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