July 16, 2010

Tired or Tried?

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. 
Job 23:10

Earlier tonight I was writing an email to a friend, but I was so tired, and typing probably way too fast for my brain to keep up, that instead of typing "tired" I typed "tried."   Then I thought, "Mmmm.  How odd...Just a simple switch-a-roo of two letters, and we've got two words that are related."  

Related?  Yes...because whenever we're being "tried" (as being purged of the dross, purified) we usually become "tired" right?  Just like I mentioned in the last blog, "Are You Fed Up (or TIRED) of the Delivery?" we can grow weary from these "brown-paper-bag" circumstances we find ourselves facing on the "front door of life." 

Maybe it will help for us to remember this simple hint:  The two letters that are being switched are the letters "I" and "R."   Notice if the "i" comes first, we have the word tIred.  Isn't that the way it goes whenever we put the "I" ("me") first in viewing life's trials---we become tIred. ???  Yep.  Wondering how this will affect "me," or "why does this always happen to me?"  "when will I ever learn?" --- Worrying about "me" makes "me" TIRED! ;o)

Maybe one thing God is trying to teach us is to put the "R" first.   Rest.  Rely.  Be Reassured.  Relax.  Run to Him.  Roll over your burden on Him.   Everything changes!  We go from being tIred, to being tRied.  And what does Job say?  "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."  Job 23:10 (KJV) 

This is just a simple Reminder to myself to put a lot MORE "R" in my tRials and a lot LESS "I."   

Can you think of other things He's tRying to teach us to do?  It doesn't even have to start with the letter "R."   :)  

Oh Father, Thank You for a simple "typo" this evening...and for pausing me by Your Holy Spirit's nudging, to look at that once more and THINK about the truth in the simple typo.  When we look at the storms and trials in our lives from a new perspective, one that doesn't pull us into the hopelessness of  putting "self" first, but ROLL our burdens onto You, we find REST..and we also find that when we are TRIED, we shall come forth as GODL , I mean goLd.  But yes, even in that typo, I am reminded that we shall come forth as "more in the Likeness of God's image!"   Which is to be desired more than gold!  Thank You, Father!  Even in our mistakes You teach us lessons! Strengthen us Father, as we rest in Your arms tonight.  In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.  


  1. Especially in my mistakes, He teaches me lessons...

    He tells me to Remember His promises...

    Very good post, Tammi!

  2. Hi! Tammi, Loved this post! You have the most gifted way of just bringing it down to the "Wire" so to speak! in sharing what God is speaking to all of us! Love It! Oh! and how many times have I used the word "tired", I think it out weighs the word "tried" in my life! Wow! God really gave you a "Blessing" with that simple mistake! Thanks for your sweet spirit, and sharing one more thing that I needed to hear! Have a great week-end!:)PS., was just sharing with my daughter last night, is that it will make us "tired", to try to figure it out on our own....! Wow!

  3. Good morning Sis, again thank you for the gentle reminders of being "tired" verses being "tried." Going through the fire does make a person worn out from putting "the I" in control instead of leaning on the one who is the "I am the way..." I am "tired" this morning but after reading your blog...:-) I have decided today to rest and let the Lord guide me through whatever comes my whatever comes my way. Love you, Mom

  4. Friday blessings Tammi, Love this which is no suprise because you always write truth in applicable way for us.
    Have a joyous Son filled weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Great post Tammi, putting what 'I' want gets in the way of the things God is trying to do in me, whereas 'R'esting in Him allows Him to do the work He wants to do. And although we don't jump at chances to be tried and tested, the end result of becoming more like Jesus are so worth it.

  6. Great post Tammi!! Your words really spoke to my heart!!

    Also, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.....you are a blessing!

    He is Faithful!!

  7. Great post, and that's a clever way to share a message through letters in a word! There sure are lots of good R's!

  8. Amen sister....amazing power of the Holy Spirit.

  9. Sweet Tammi,,how can I let others know just How BEAUTIFUL your CD is????? No exajeration at all..It is GLORIOUS Sweetie,,you're fingers and of course your geart are sooo Blessed by God..
    We have been playing ours all day..Even with our teens boys around,,,and we Never do that with any music..See, this CD just goes with anything AND its alllll about Jesus,,,God ALMIGHTY..
    Soooo glad HE brought me to you through His Spirit at Sweet Lisa Shaws...
    Love ya Girlfriend~~~Hugs and continued blessings ~~~Dena

  10. Praise the Lord dear sister-friend! Powerful message and it reflects where you are in the LORD this moment and that's always good no matter what the situation.

    I love you and I'm praying for you!


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