August 31, 2010

All Eyes on Earl

"Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord."  Proverbs 16:20  (NIV)
"God's intent for us is never anchored in tomorrow---
His purpose is for here and now. . . .today.
God wants this life to be a grand adventure, not a blueprint.
Our part is to trust Him and obey."
Author Unknown

Just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know I'm still "out here."  Been missing checking in on y'all.    Since I've been so wrapped up in studying I just now found out about Hurricane Earl.  We're on the coast of Virginia....the Virginia Beach area.  When Isabel hit in 2003 I told my husband "if another one of that magnitude or worse comes through here, I'm outta here."   Well.. . you guessed it, I'm watching The Weather Channel right now.   Things are still too early to determine the exact path, but it's looking scary.  So we're all "staying tuned."   Already Ocracoke Island is being evacuated...We like to go to Hatteras, on the Outer Banks, whenever we can "get away" since it's so close to us.  We will feel the affects on Friday. . hopefully they won't be anything major---Lord willing.  I'll try to keep y'all posted though.

This goofy pic is of me, my bro, and my sister, back in 1988.  We were on a sand dune in front of the Coast Guard Station on Hatteras Island, NC.  Hurricane Isabel tore through that Island, even cutting it "in half."
So we're staying tuned...That makes me think...are we still "staying tuned" to the One Who keeps us running smoothly?  Are we tuned in to His still small voice?  When the noise and mayhem of life become too loud, can we find a quiet place to listen to and FOR His voice?'s not easy to find that quiet place, 'specially when you literally can't hear yourself think.  I know.  But it's important.  . . .so with that, I'll leave you with another special poem my grandmother shared with me. . .

A Quiet Place
by Belle Sandefur

There is a quiet place for the child of God.
It's simply trusting in His Holy Word.
This cushion is given by God above
When we learn to lean on His arms of love.
This quiet place of peaceful rest
Provided by the One Who knows what's best.
This lovely place where all is well,
Of which no mortal tongue can tell.

A place where broken hearts can mend.
Put back together by our dearest Friend.
A place of beauty beyond compare-
It's where Jesus meets His child in prayer.

Dear Father, You want us to see life as an adventure, on a daily basis, and not look at tomorrow.  When we look at the "What may come tomorrow's" we tend to get overwhelmed, scared, depressed--all of these emotions are not Your desire for us.  You want us to trust You, in the here and now, preparing the road, building up and removing the obstacles that are in the way. . . yet never worrying over what may (or may not) come.  So, we humbly ask for Your forgiveness whenever we worry, or keep holding on to our burdens instead of releasing our grasp and letting You take control.  You're waiting for us to let go..and just come to You for rest. . .Trusting You, trusting IN Your Word. . .and resting in and ON Your strong and loving arms.  So we do just that right now Father, and for the ones in Hurricane Earl's path--You know the path it will take--You control the storm.  Blow it out to sea, Father, if that be Your will.  If not, help us on the East Coast to prepare, and keep us safe. . . .Thank You Father for the promise that You are with us in all of our Tomorrows, and even TODAY! 
In Jesus' Name we pray, amen.

P.S.  Just wanted to ask if any of y'all have been through any hurricanes. . .we've been through a "bunch" over the years. . .however, I have to say Isabel was a "doozy."    No matter---literal storms, emotional or spiritual~~we know Who is the Master of these Winds. . . .I'm trusting Him!  :) 


  1. we will be praying as the hurricane approaches that "the
    waters won't overwhelm you."

  2. Hi! tammi, so happy to hear from you! have missed you! hope every thing is going good for you. No, thankfully I have never been in a hurricane. but this sounds frighting, we expierence tornados in East Tx. but thankfully again we have never had any bad one where I live. But we have had some bad storms, and I just pray them through! and know that He is in control of the wind and rain! Hope and pray that you have a restful wk-end!:)

  3. Hopefully Earl won't be anything too major, our prayers are with all in the path of the hurricane. Stay safe and God bless.

  4. Praying the Lord will divert the path
    of the hurricane and send it back out
    to sea.
    Rest in His care.

  5. Praying all is well...

    Love this line...

    "This quiet place of peaceful rest
    Provided by the One Who knows what's best."


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