August 14, 2010

G.P.S. "God's Placement System"

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD:
and he delighteth in his way.  Psalm 37:23 (KJV)

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and leaving special comments in the limited blog posts that I've been able to add this week.  I have a sneaky feeling this is just one thing the Lord is going to prune.  I think sometimes, "Lord, it doesn't make sense to cut away something that is fruitful."  And then He so happily responds, "But that is what pruning is all about...."  So I have to believe with all my heart that even though a few very special "things" in my life, such as blogging, sharing, and working on music are being "pruned," that it is only to bring forth much more fruit in those very areas at a later date. 

Today, on the way home from purchasing my first set of college books in over 20 years, I told my daughter, "You know, if I could ask the Lord a question about all of this, it'd be:  I sometimes wonder why You equipped me with certain abilities, and yet it seems that You are shelving those very areas of usefulness that You have received the most glory from?"  In more particular---the ministry of music at church.  I wonder, how that will "hold up" under the pressure of me in college, the kids adjusting to public school (as opposed to home school) and of course all the typical mom/wife/house keeper duties?  Will the desire of my heart to serve Him musically be shelved?   He's so good to give a quick answer.  In My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers) I read how the Lord sometimes puts us in the "most useless" places--places not where we are most "useful," but where HE can get the most glory.  And it's not for US to say where that should be.   So....that was a big "Ah HA!!" moment.  And then He adds a wonderful P.S. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?"  (Gen. 18:25)  God will place us wherever He wants to, in order to receive the most glory out of our lives.  God's Placement System is far more advanced than words could ever describe, so there's no need to "try to figure it out."

He Met Me on the Football Field Tonight:
God is in control.  And to PROVE TO ME that HE IS sovereign in this situation, watching every detail, He graciously added a few "signs" alongside this new road.  Almost like the comforting voice of that little G.P.S. "Turn right here....turn left at the next traffic light," He gave me yet ANOTHER reassuring sign that this is the road I am to be on.   Continuing our normal evening routine, my son and I hop in the car, and we head down to football practice.  Only thing is----no one is there.  Well, no one except one other car with two of his teammates who weren't at practice last night  Evidently last night the coaches told the boys there was no practice tonight, but my son "happened to miss that announcement."  Well...that was of the Lord!  Why?  Because as I was chatting with the two teammates, I mentioned I was going back to college, and they said, "So is our momma!"  Knowing that THIS was a Divine Appointment, shy little ole me went over to talk with her... having never been introduced before, this was a huge step for me.  :o)  Anyway, long story short, she was the biggest help, offering so much advice, and most of all, encouragement!   I knew that football practice had been canceled, and we were the only two that didn't get the message for THIS very important reason:  God wanted me to SEE His hand is STILL working....and yes, even on the football field!  LOL  How cool is that?  :o)

I did look over my Anatomy books, and's intimidating to say the least...but one thing is for sure, with the belief that "our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made," I was able to view the pictures with a sense of awe, instead of "somebody catch me, my knees are givin' out!"  LOL  Oh how I pray for the Lord to enable me to GRASP this material....but that's another day's story I guess.  Tonight's is just the simple fact that He has been so good to reveal another facet, another "sign" on this new road that is springing up.

Thank You Father for the Divine Appointment You scheduled for me this evening.  Thank You for the little details and encouragements You gave me too!  I pray for my special sisters and brothers in Christ.   The road they are on may be dark, it may be scary...and just to have one glance from You, one Divinely placed appointment would bring such encouragement and breathe strength into their hearts as it did mine this evening.  Do something, reveal Your wonderful fingerprints in their circumstances, just help them to know You are there. If You should choose not to for now, please give them the strength to continue on, until the Son-shine breaks through these dark clouds!  We can only come to You and request this because of what our Savior, Jesus, did for us on Calvary.  We come through Him, in His name, and ask for Your grace to abound to our hearts!  In Jesus' name, amen.


  1. Sister, I will be praying for you as you walk "in step" with God. Obedience to Him is never easy. It usually includes "dying to self." Letting go of our will and embracing His. It's difficult at best. But OH the rewards . . . the joy that comes from obeying Him are beyond all that we could dare to hope for or imagine. There is simply no greater joy than living the life that is worthy of Him. Praying He brings infinite glory to Himself through your life.
    With joy,

  2. What a wonderfully encouraging testimony of God's providence...moments like that to me always feel like special hugs from my Abba Father....

  3. Hey Sweet Sis,,,how is everything now??? I have been here one other time when we were away on our travels and I left a note but as I posted it our laptop messed up and it never posted.. I sure don't see it that is..I have had you on my mind and in my prayers every night,,,Lisa Shaw too. Yiy have many people who LOVE you and are praying for your every step with Jesus..
    He is our Provider Our Strength Giver and besides,,well,, like He is our Everything,,,He is also our Kind Father and He is holding you and your family even tighter through these times.. I LOVE you and miss you but I''l be right close by when you have a bit more free ((hahaha,right) time and just do what you need to do for your family and yourself..And keep hanging on to Jesus Our Deliverer...
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  4. Tammi, I love those divine appointments. It's great when you recognize them for what they are. I can so identify with you. It seems that areas where I think God would get all the glory get sidetracked and I don't understand. One thing I can say to you though is that patients love to talk. And I can see you by their side with a word of encouragement once you start in this profession.

    I listened to your music ONLY while I was in the mountains.

    Love you,

  5. I pray that God will guide you every step of the way. May He give you faith, hope and inspiration as you prepare to go the distant. God bless

  6. Tammi:

    I just hopped over from Debbie's at Heart Choices and I'm so glad I did! I also listened to some of your music and loved it! This blog is beautiful and is definitely a keeper for me! I'll be getting your album and I will so enjoy it! I look forward to visiting here often.



  7. dear tammi,

    what a sweet place this is! i pray that your
    pruning is not painful but a pleasure in the
    Master's hands.


  8. Tammi, thank you for sharing your heart and walk in the Lord. I'm praying for you even as you step out in the classes and this new journey GOD has for you and your family.

    Trust Him. Fully.

    I love you.


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