August 19, 2010

Time to "Get Growing"

"And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying...."  Numbers 20:7

Well, this is it...the day has finally arrived....I'm headed back to class.  In fact, I'm typing this on Tuesday night and plan on scheduling it to automatically post for Thursday's blog.  Oooh.   Time to "get going" on this new journey.  What a "time of growing" this past year has been.  Looking back through my journals, and reading notes from studying and seeking His will, I have seen His hand guiding me all the way to this point.  Did I think THIS was the "point" He was taking me?   No.  Never dreamed it.   But place yourself in His hands, completely surrendered to His will, then expect Him to take you places you never dreamed---all for His glory!   

Even through the "Growing Pains," I have been learning some lessons:
  • to fully trust Him, one day at a time
  • the futility of struggling in His hands, when all He wants us to do is let go and R-E-S-T
  • He L-O-V-E-S me. (and YOU too!)   :o)
  • There is always HOPE when we place our hearts in His loving and capable hands.
  • God is SOVEREIGNLY in control of everything.
  • God is to US like water is to a fish, or air is to a bird---He IS our atmosphere.  We live and move in His presence....therefore, take a deep breath and you're breathing in the very presence of God.*  Such relief is found when I take a deep breath now!  *Thanks to A.W. Tozer for this eye-opener!
  • He answers our prayers before we even ask, and yet takes the time to listen when we cry out to Him.(Isaiah 65:24)
  • He can (and WILL) use us and move us in accordance with His plan, no matter HOW old we are.  The sooner we quit wrestling with Him, the quicker He will begin moving.
This is me, my brother and my sister @ '77
That last item leads me to the verse above:  "And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying....."  Moses was nearly 40 years old when he saw his fellow Israelite being mistreated.  Acts 7: 23 says he was "nearly 40" yet look at Exodus 2:11 and it says"  "when Moses was grown..."    Hmmm...I'm nearly 40...I would hope that the Lord could look at my "spiritual growth chart" and say, "Tam, you've certainly grown..."   No matter our age, can we look back at where we were "spiritually" last year and say, "Yes...I've grown closer to the Lord...yes, I'm growing spiritually."  ???  We should be able to say that.

Here we are again, @ 1980, on Sherri's 6th birthday.
As I begin this new phase of life, I hope to one day be able to look back and say, "And the LORD spoke to me, saying..."  I love the present tense of that verb, saying. . . THE One and Only God of Israel, The LORD, will continually tell me what to do, each and every step of the way.   All He asks of me is to simply FOLLOW.
Here we are @ 1988

With that being said, I'm off to school---20-something years later.   Oh my.  LOL  Beyond that, I have no idea where He is leading me.  But thank the Lord His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. 
Dear Father, Looking back I can see Your hand on my life, just like You had Your hand on Moses' life.   If we are Your children, then we're ALL in Your hands...and You long to see us grow.  Thank You for this time of growth--even the growing pains I've had to endure.  It has all been for a specific purpose, and has come from Your loving hands to "grow me."  I shall not look back on this time and regret it.  And  together, as blogging friends, we look forward to each new day that You lead us in plain paths, until we reach our final home with You.   Bless my dear sisters and brothers in Christ out all their needs according to Your perfect will.  Help them to trust You; and may whatever You do in my life bring You glory and be an encouraging testimony of Your provision and love.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. These are the lessons we're all
    continually learning. May the Lord
    bless you on this new part of your
    I love your grandmother's poem. I'd
    love to do it in cross stitch.

  2. Tammi:

    I said a prayer for you this morning, as your new adventure begins! It will be so neat to see where God is leading you in this... you know for sure, He's got something up his sleeve!



  3. What special pictures of the three of you! How cute you were. I have been praying for you as I remembered that today is the BIG day. You are going to do so well, I just know it.

    Love you,

  4. Enjoyed the journey with you and your siblings...and this latest leg of that journey will soon be filled with great memories, too....

  5. No doubt this will be challenging journey, but by the grace of God it will be a journey that will be very rewarding. God bless.


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