August 5, 2010

The Master of My Ship

The Master of My Ship
(by my Grandmother, Belle Sandefur)

Thy Word was planted in my heart; I fell in love with Thee.
I cried, "Lord, be the Master of my ship.  Come on board and pilot me."

"I took You even as You were into my life that day;
But many times in the midst of the storms, I almost lose my way.
photography by Katrin Blumenschein
I try, and fail when I take the helm~~as if You are asleep.
I cry out in fear, "Oh Lord, don't You care?"  With a broken heart, I weep.

You've always arisen and rebuked the winds,
and said unto the sea, "Peace be still."
And oh, the joy that floods my soul
when I know I'm in Your will.

So even today's there's another storm raging from deep within;
But You're the Captain of this ship, and You guide it safely in.

You know the cares. You know the fears, and deep down inside there's rest.
For I know the Master of this ship doeth "all things" for the best.

You're wonderful, Lord. 
You're very near, and each day that I live
May I never forget Who the Captain is,
And that "an abundant life You give."

Enjoy the following video of one of my favorite pianists, Dino,
playing "Wonderful Peace."  May the Lord use this to minister to you and bring peace to your hearts. "Thank You, again dear Jesus for being our one and only true source of Peace! In Your name we pray, amen."


  1. Hey Tammi,

    I love this poem by your grandmother and the pictures that you have put with it!

    What a great word.

    Thanks for being an encouragement to me through your post and on my blog!

    You are a blessing,

  2. Another beautiful verse by your Grandmother...

    My maternal Grandmother wrote poetry, too...but my mom has all of them right now...I suspect they will be passed down to me...

    "Wonderful Peace" is such a lovely hymn...

  3. Tammi, what a blessing. Your grandmother certainly has a way with words. Her words express my heart's desire too. I so want the Lord to be the Captain of my ship. But my flesh gets in the way all too often.

    The piano music was beautiful; loved it. I think you need to post a YouTube video of your music. :)

    Very soothing post for me right now. Thank you my friend. I'm so glad you're blogging.

    In Christ,

  4. I love that you posted a poem by your grandma. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Oh and video = amazing.

  5. Beautiful and encouraging writing! I love the pictures you chose to illustrate your words! This completely blessed my soul!

  6. Wow are you speedy Girlfriend!!!! THANKS so much ,,,I did miss and think of you often.. How is everything going for you of late,,,What about the car situation???? Oh, i'll send you an email soon. In the morning we run up to help our 17 yr old get his 1st contacts...Boy did he get our dander and feathers ruffed up today!!!
    Long story,,,I do pray your days are going smoother and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you have on your post again this time Sweet Friend...
    Proud to call you Sister BTW!!!!
    Thnaks for the Mmmmmmmmmmmm's
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  7. PS:::: Your Grandma was a Treasure and still is in all of your heart's...
    HUGggggggggggggggg's rightbackatcha

  8. In your blog neighborhood. This was a blessing!

  9. Wow your grandmother was a talented poet and I see where you get your heart for the Lord. Beautiful. Love that song and how Dino plays it. He makes those keys just sing the words doesn't he? AMAZING

    On another note...
    Your comments are cracking me up and making my day. Thanks so much! So glad we found each other via blogland.


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