August 2, 2010


There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.  
I Corinthians 10:13 (KJV)

Yes. I's Monday, not Friday.   But knowing what feelings "a typical Monday" brings---tired, a bit of dread for "what will this week bring," just plum overwhelmed, we need to remember something special... 'tis the key to experiencing a "T.G.I.F feeling" even on a Monday.

We serve The One and Only God...Creator of the Universe..the One Who not only established the earth---but go back even before that:  He fashioned the earth from before it could be established, He had the power to create something to establish --- He made something from "nothing," by simply speaking the WORD.   Ever since the onset of "time" our God, The God, has been!  The Uncreated has always been and always will beTo serve This one and only True God is an honor and yet so humbling isn't it?

Because He is unchanging, He can never be anything but True to Who He is.   God's Word tells us that He is faithful.  That means He has been and always WILL BE faithful.  Our verse for today tells us that no matter what test or "experiment" we are going through, He has already planted within us the (His) power to overcome, or bear this.  He will provide a "way out."   The Greek word for that is "ekbasin," which means "an exit or outcome."  How many times have we longed for the "nearest exit" in the "theater of life's dramas or tragedies?"  Then the Holy Spirit brings to mind the Words of our Savior, Who said, "...Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep."  (John 10:7 KJV)   The Greek word for "door" is "thura," which means simply "door."   Jesus is our Way, the "thura" (doesn't that remind you of "through"???) the Door to Endure the storms of life.  He is our Escape Route.  And the wonderful part to remember is "a way out" ("ekbasin"--an exit or OUTCOME)--that means that Jesus is our OUTCOME.  We will not only GET THROUGH this trial, BUT also will BECOME more like Jesus Himself.  That is after all the "outcome" God is "after" in every trial or storm, right?

So...with all of that being said..God has promised us that He is Faithful.  "God Is Faithful."  There's our "G.I.F."  What about the "T?"  The God...The One and only True God, Creator and Maker of the universe IS Faithful...and He is after a SPECIFIC outcome in each of our lives.

Each of us may be surrounded by walls of a different "theater."  The "picture playing" may be a drama....or tragedy....maybe someone is taking a more comical approach to a particular situation you are facing, and you just don't appreciate their "not taking your burden seriously."  Either matter "what is playing," when you are looking for the "nearest Exit," remember...HE is Your Exit..and also He is YOUR OUTCOME!  Walk through The Door..The ONLY WAY to be able to bear whatever it is you're going through.

If we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit the temptation to look at different exit routes:  running away, becoming bitter, turning to things of this world, caving in....but these are NOT the way of Escape God has intended or so graciously provided.  He has provided His Son...FAITHFUL and TRUE is HE.  (Rev. 19:11.)  Our Knight in Shining Armor is Himself Faithful and True.

So---no matter the day:  we can say T.G.I.F.!  The God Is Faithful!  The one and only True God, that we are so privileged to serve and call our Abba Father, Is (not WAS, but IS) Faithful!

Thank You Father, for this T.G.I.F. moment!  Help us to always remember You are Faithful, and You have provided the Escape Route...the Escape not only from Hell but also from life's tests and trials!  Jesus is the Way Out, and He is THE OUTcome or results You are after in our lives!  We praise You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for we know that today and EVERY DAY You Are Faithful!  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


  1. I am inspired by the message from this post. Especially, "He is unchanging."...People will change, but never God. When we think we know someone time will come when we will find out different.

  2. Tammi, all too often I've prayed to take this burden and problem away from me. But God has promised to go with us through the storms. I need to keep my eyes on Him. What a wonderful and timely reminder for me this morning.

    Much love to you my friend,

  3. Oh, yes...the One true Knight in shining armor...I love the TGIF! Great post....

  4. I kept meaning to get here sooner to say LOEV Ya for your SWEET notes Girlfriend... I must come back when I can read this trhu better.. Kent and I are hurriedly getting our selves ready for a delivery trip with cards.. We do about 4 long ones a month and we leave early in the morn for Eastern Iowa. Our boys are manning the front..
    It soooo wonderful of your to inspire me and others... I am slow getting here as I had to do a few new designs.. Hey email me with your addy if you trust me enough... I want to send you a card sometime...Love ya and travel prayers are always helpful... Ohhhhh,, add in some for the mgrs won't get rid of our displays and kick us out of there stores anymore,,,hehehehe... (really not funny tho is it)
    Big Hugs backatcha Girl... Praising GOD for You everyday... Your in my prayers tooo ...Nite

  5. PS:::: BTW He is The BEST Heart Toucher,,,Storm Smoother... Our ALL in ALL.


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