August 27, 2010

God's Workmanship

This is computer artwork that my daughter 'painted' when she was "little."  :)
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works; which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

The Greek word for workmanship is "poiema" which means "work of art, a product that is designed." It is from this word that the word POEM is derived in the English language.   That means, that you and I are a Poem, written by God...a true work of art.  

God's Workmanship
another poem by my Grandmother

We are God's workmanship
"a work of art," says He...
"A product that is designed"
and He's still working on me.

May the thoughts of my heart
And the words that I say
Convey this message daily---
For this I humbly pray.

I'm only a vessel
Unworthy of His grace,
But He's the great designer
Who's given me this place.

I'll let Him mold and make me
According to His plans
For I can trust His judgement
As He holds me in His hands.

So, as I sit here, after one full week of college classes, brain still a little "sore and tired" from the mental workout, (LOL) it helps to remember that I...WE...are a work of art, a poem, written by our Heavenly Father.  He is designing something beautiful with each twist and turn, with each stroke of the "heavenly pen"--
"Pancake" 2009 Season
So let's just keep on keepin' on.  As I find myself walking the halls on campus, it's so helpful to remember:  He's there with me.  He before-ordained that I should walk with Him, wherever He that's what I'm doing.  And, even as I carry that super-heavy backpack, I can take "this burden" (and all of my burdens) unto Him and ask Him to carry them for me.  Then the burden becomes not-so-heavy after all.  :)

UPDATE:  Bryan did see the specialist this week.  He received two very painful shots in his foot (heel and bottom of the foot)....hoping that this will take the swelling down and ease the pain...The X-ray showed two rather large bone (heel) spurs.  He'll see the DR again in two weeks...may receive another shot, then after that, if no's surgery.  He's still in pain, but continues on working even in pain.   Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern!   I sure do miss checking on everyone, and hope that you all are doing okay.  Tonight's opening ceremony for our son's football season.  His nick-name is Pancake!  LOL  He earned that from "pan-caking" over the defensive line.   But being the gentleman he is, he's kind enough to help the "victim" up after the whistle blows.  LOL   FYI:  He plays "center" on the offensive line.  Can't believe football season is upon us again!  Ready or we go!

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update.  Sending out big hugs to each of you!  Thanks for keeping in touch, and most of all for your prayers and friendship!   Hope to talk to you all soon!  Miss y'all!


  1. I have been praying for you and your family! I started to call the other day to find out how school was going but I like to give people their space needed to adjust to CHANGE so rather than a call, I sent up loads of prayers.

    Praying for Bryan...and your whole family.

    Much love!!

  2. The Holy Spirit is speaking to both
    of us along the same lines. On Wednesday
    I also posted about His workmanship and
    our being His poem, His work of art.
    It bears repeating, a double blessing.

  3. You and your family are in my prayers, Tammi....

  4. I'm glad to read that you survived your first week of school. I will pray that Bryan will not need surgery since I know it's hard with his work. But I also pray that he heals completely. Your little Pancake is so cute. Enjoy these days. Football season sounds like fun.

    I'll be praying Tammi.

    Love you,

  5. Dearest Tammi, I love this post and especially the poem. So glad you are laying your burdens down and that He is leading the way in college....I can't begin to imagine how much work there is. When we homeschooled and my girls were in high school I attended with them-fun to learn different things but the workload was much. Praying for you all. Thank you for stopping by dear one, my 'puter time has been more limited to so I haven't visited as many as normal. Hugs and blessings for a perfect weekend.


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