August 23, 2010

In Thee

In Thee
Written by my Grandmother, Belle Sandefur

Lord, in Thee and Thee alone
I find the strength I need,
There is no other source of help
So for Your strength I plead.

Thank You for the strain
That draws me close to Thee,
And for the grace that's given
By You so tenderly.

Thank You for the joy
That Thy salvation brought,
For all the lessons learned
That You have gently taught.

Some I thought were hard,
But much to my surprise,
My understanding lightened
As You opened up my eyes.

So thank You for the strength
You give from day to day,
And thank You for the strain
That keeps me in Thy way!

This meant so much to me tonight as I glanced through my book of poems from my dear Grandmother. . .Strain...I thought, " ironic."  I am hoping that Bryan's injury is "only" a strain, and not a torn ligament.  He sees a specialist Wednesday.  Strains hurt.  They are not comfortable.  And sometimes when we are under the weight of our burdens, we feel the strain from the grief of the burden.   Let's remember to take our burdens to the Lord... Roll them onto His strong shoulders. . . we can find rest and the yoke to be easyGently accepting this situation, no matter what the outcome may be, brings relief for the moment.  Remember:  Tomorrow may never come...God gives grace for this moment.  If we try to take on tomorrow's situations or worries, then-- boom---we've got ourselves a heavier load than He ever intended for us to bear.  And besides, He's waiting for us to bring this burden to Him.  Thank God He knows we can not do this....that's why He's promised to do this for us.  All we have to do is A.S.K. ~~ Sometimes the only strength we can muster is simply: 
A Sigh on our Knees.   I'm on my knees, sighing---and with that sigh, I'm asking Him for strength, I'm trading in my weakness for His Strength!   That Sigh is traded in for His Strength!   That's Super!   Look at all those S's....Silly me.  LOL  :)

Thanks again for all your prayers . . . I shall keep you posted. 

Now, for's off to get Some Sleep!
Love y'all!


  1. I'm praying that the Lord will provide you with strength for each day. I also pray that He would open your eyes to His divine appointments each day.

    Love you,

  2. Carrie @

    Hi, Tammi! I stumbled upon your your latest post, especially about prayer. So often I rush through that part. This is the 2nd time today Ive been reminded about diligent prayer. Hhmmmm. God is working

  3. Your Grandmother's wise words...and your surrender to Him...will bring just what you need my prayers, Tammi!


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