August 18, 2010

Spiritual Storms

photography by Katrin Blumenschein
When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.  Isaiah 59:19b (KJV)

It's been extremely hot here on the east coast of Virginia for the past several days.  The heat has been just oppressive!  Whew....I wondered when the rain would come to cool things off?  Well, today, I'm looking outside and see the clouds rolling in. . .and based on how my knees are hurting (they seem to predict the weather sometimes LOL) I think we'll be getting a substantial amount of rain later.   Hopefully cooler weather will be ushered in as well.

As the clouds are looming, and the H/H (heat and humidity) are stifling, I couldn't help but think about the past several months and the spiritual storms that the Lord allowed me to go through, like the fiery furnace of affliction.  Mark 6:45 says, "And straightway he constrained his disciples to get into the ship, and to go to the other side..."   From reading the passage, we know what was awaiting them--a fierce storm.   He constrained them to get in and go on ahead without Him, so He could go up to the mountaintop and pray.  

The Greek word for constrained is anagkĂ©, which means to compel, to force.   Sometimes we feel as if the Lord is FORCING us to "go on ahead," maybe even without Him.  Then we find ourselves in the midst of a storm, feeling ALONE.  Oh the fear and wonder as to WHY He would have ever called us to "do this??"  "Where IS He?"   May it bring us comfort to know He is our Advocate. . .He is praying on our behalf...and really, He has never left us, not even for one second!   He is just about ready to reveal Himself in a powerful way---just like He did with the disciples---He walked on water!  "Be of good cheer!  It is I!  Be not afraid!"   

So, as I am feeling forced hopping into "this boat" and heading "out on the sea of college," I need to remember, when the winds are howling and I'm "toiling in rowing," to LOOK OUT and see the Master of the Wind walking on the water!  He's calling out to me (and YOU) to take courage and be not afraid!  It IS HIM!  He has never left us. . and when it seemed He WAS away, He was simply interceding on our behalf to our Heavenly Father--waiting to perform a miracle for the glory our Heavenly Father!   May He always receive GLORY in every storm that rages!

                                                        Spiritual Storms
                                                   by my grandmother Belle Sandefur

When the enemy comes in like a flood to destroy your spiritual home
Look up!  Remember that God above still reigns upon His throne.

He rules the tide, He knows how high the waves and billows roll;
And His Spirit lifts the standard high to protect the trusting soul.

So trust Him when the storms are raging.  Cast on Him your anxiety and care;
And don't forget, He's your Heavenly Father, and He hears your smallest prayer.

"Come closer, my child, come closer," can't you hear Him gently say?
"I love you enough to draw you near--near to My heart today...

And each thing that happens--though it be from the enemy's hand-
I promise it'll work out for your good, though you now cannot  understand."

When the storm has passed, and the skies are clear,
you'll look back~ probably shed a tear-

As you see the beautiful bright design Your Heavenly Father saw all the time,
As He allowed the storms to come to prepare you better for your heavenly home.


  1. Blessings Tammi, Oh what a wonderful post! So much truth and depth-so much to ponder. Such an encouragement to keep our focus on Him-the maker of the storms.
    Hugs to you today.

  2. dear tammi,

    this is an exceptionally perceptive and encouragin
    post. thank you so much for being led by His
    Spirit on our behalf.


  3. Oh Tammi, your grandmother writes such wonderful words of hope and encouragement!

    And you my friend, are going forward trusting God with each day of your college program. I feel so proud of you for stepping out in faith. And who knows that some of the students and teachers may enjoy your music CD? They could study or relax listening to it.


  4. Tammi:

    I love your grandmother!! Her words are priceless. And college for you... wow, sounds like a big new thing for me to add to my prayer list. I pray for my friends when I do my 30 minute walk each day. If I were going back to college.. I would NEED your prayers, so you also have mine.

    Such good words here today, I so enjoyed this.


  5. This blessed my heart, Tammi...

  6. Wow Tammi you are such a Sweet Blessing to me ( us)and I am so TRULY Thankful that God brought you into my life..And your grandma,,,she is like one of Gods angels here on earth!!!
    I have been thinking about you sooo very much as our boys went off to school today and you soon are.. Isn't it tomorrow you mentioned????
    I am in prayer for you as always and you are sooooo dear to many of us..We have had some storms in our lives as well, don't we all at times.. But it is a JOY knowing that HE is with us all the way through even when we do NOT think He is.. And that HE sooooo KNOWS what He is doing...Kent and I find that comforting when times are rough.. There are many times I could get very depressed as I use to be bad at that yrs ago.. It has been such a blessing to know that I would have been NOT so down if I had turned to Jesus like I do now..AND,,having Sweet Sisters in Christ such as You and Lisa and Debbie,,,Mimi ,,,WOW... I am extra blessed
    Just know we are praying for you and when ever you need to just send out an email..
    I LOVE You Sis,,,Hugggggggs continued~~~Dena
    PS::: Thanks for the notes you always bring SmiLeS, warmth and ChEeR

  7. Sister, this was just absolutely awesome! I LOVED your grandma's poem. . . so beautiful! This post was so timely for me . . . to know that I trust in the One who calms the storms of life. He is truly my everything.
    Praying for you sister!!! How's school going?
    Hugs and prayers,


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