August 13, 2010

The Master's Plan

The Master's Plan
(written by my Grandmother, Belle Sandefur)

God has a plan for your life and mine:
It's being laid out by His own design.

The pattern from underneath never shows
The beauty the top-side plainly bestows.

Let's make sure to yield to the Master's plan.
For some day, we'll see from the top-side and understand.

Sometimes when I have a difficult time putting into words what I'm feeling, I reach for the book of poems that my Grandmother gave me, with the confidence that she's written a poem for "such a time as this."  And of course, there it was...The Master's Plan.  Normally when I read this I think of embroidery, with all the knotted-up mess underneath...but with one look at the top side of the finished piece, the beautiful picture is revealed.  The dark threads outline each piece, just like the storms and trials are meant to add depth to our lives.  Maybe, just maybe, if we endure these storms and trials, relying on Christ's strength within us, others' perception of US will be the very image of Christ!  

While living on our temporary home, Earth, we are bound to have the disadvantage of looking up and only seeing the jumbled up mess that appears to be our circumstances.  However, take another glance---look into the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  There you'll find the reflection of His Son is being formed in our lives with each and every Divinely-placed stitch!  One day, when we are WITH HIM, we can look from His very perspective and SEE just what it was He was "after" through these dark storms or the things that just "don't make a bit of sense."  

Dear Father, we are resting in Your plan....You are the God of all the Earth, and You shall do that which is right.   In this melting process, may Your All-Consuming Fire purge away the dross within our very lives and make us more into Your own Son's image.  
In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. Please give your Grandmother a big hug from me and tell her she is so special...I love this verse! I am going to pass it along to a loved one that needs to be reminded of this....

  2. Good Morning Tammi! You never fail to inspire me! Love this post today:), OMG! I needed this one today! Thank You Jesus! for speaking thru Tammi today with a fresh spirit! Hope you have a week-end that is filled with all kind of wonders and Blessings! Love you Sweet Friend!
    Your Grandmother sounds awesome with her wisdom!

  3. Beautiful poem of Grandma's and a beautiful sharing of your heart. Love you and praying for you!

  4. Poetry always speaks to my heart in a special way. Thank you for sharing this!


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