August 18, 2010

Embraced by the Father

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.  Proverbs 25:11

Summer's rapidly coming to a close, and it's soon "back to a regular routine"...or for some of us, "back to school."  :o)   During the down-time of summer, did you get a chance to read any good books?  As I glanced through my college Anatomy and Physiology books I thought, "Oh boy, this class sure looks like a lot of 'fun'."   LOL  No matter what's on my future "book reading list," I did have some time to enjoy a few good books over the summer.  I'm still reading through and enjoying a couple of A.W. Tozer's books, which are very thought-provoking.  But I wanted to share with you one book I DID finish...and it was really a blessing to me.  After Debbie, from Heart Choices, did a surprise blog post about my CD yesterday, the Lord reminded me of just how wonderful "word of mouth" recommendations truly are!   When we pass the word along, we're being used by God to share another person's gifts and be a blessing to others, for His glory!     

Embraced by the Father:
Finding Grace in the Names of God

Have you ever longed to know God as your Heavenly Father?  I wonder how many of us have found it difficult to view Him AS our Heavenly Father?   What concept do we truly have of Him?   Is it easy to recognize God as the Creator of the universe, and of course as our Savior, but difficult to view God as the Abba Father He truly is?  If so, maybe it's because we tend to view God the Father in light of the relationship (or lack thereof) that we had with our earthly fathers.    

Susanne Scheppmann's Embraced by the Father was a blessing to me over the summer, especially in my journey of seeking His will for my life.   Susanne speaks to the reader in such a candid way, sharing personal, sometimes painful circumstances from her past to illustrate the transformation of  her relationship with our Heavenly Father.  No matter our past circumstances--or "baggage" that we carry--Susanne encourages us to run to our Father, dig deeper into His Word and discover just Who He tells us He is.  Realizing Who He is compels us to DROP the baggage from our past, and reach up to our Abba Father for that warm embrace that can be compared to none other!   At the end of each chapter is a place to journal, with inspiring questions that invite you to dig deeper into the Word, and explore the many wonderful names of our  Abba Father.   

Thanks, Susanne, for allowing the Lord to tie your circumstances together and wrap them all up in this book!   We can truly "find grace in the names of our God, and BE embraced by our Father!" 


  1. Thanks for sharing Susanne's book with us.

    Love that photo and Scripture verse!!!

    I'm praying for you on this part of your journey...

  2. I love word of mouth recommendations! They are always the best.

    Thanks for sharing this book with us. I love how she used dance as a way to describe our relationship with our Father. I love dance!

    I was praying for you this morning as I remembered Thursday is your anatomy class. As you listen and think of our bodies being wonderfully created by our God, you will be amazed at how fun it will be to learn. :)

    Love you,

  3. Lovely post...I do want to check out this book...


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